a peek into my library account

Checked Out

1. I Hadn’t Meant To Tell You This – Jacqueline Woodson

2. Hush – Jacqueline Woodson

3. The Dear One – Jacqueline Woodson

4. Autobiography of a Family Photo – Jacqueline Woodson

5. Between Madison and Palmetto –  Jacqueline Woodson

6. Maizon at Blue Hill – Jacqueline Woodson

7. Lena – Jacqueline Woodson

8. From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun – Jacqueline Woodson

9. The South Beach Diet – Arthur Agatston

10. Saint Iggy – K.L. Going

11. This American Life – Season One

On Hold

1. Adventureland

2. Apartment Therapy:  The Eight Step Home Cure -Maxwell Gillingham Ryan

3. The Big Bang Theory – Season One

4. Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

5. Deliverance

6. Grey Gardens

7. House, M.D. – Season Five

8. I Love You, Man

9. Prada and Prejudice – Mandy Hubbard

10. Sex and the City – The Movie

11. The Soloist

12. Zack and Miri Make A Porno


3 Comments to “a peek into my library account”

  1. man, I can’t wait to visit our town library here. I hope I can get a card with an out-of-state license…

    • Most places you just need proof of residency. So bring in a bill with your name on it, or a copy of your lease or something of the like.

  2. Ooh, fun to get a peek at your account! Which of those movies are worth it? I gotta pick wisely with a baby in the house because it takes real effort and planning to get thru a whole movie now!

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