last night

We had to switch cars, so we came home. According to carefully laid plans and previous bouts of stress and decision, we were going to leave the pick-up and let our parents drive us back to Boston, but carefully laid plans did not account for a 6 a.m. starting bell for work and an apartment 3 miles from the early buses. So now we are back to square one – we don’t want a car, but we need one, and we certainly can’t afford MA insurance, so we have 30 days to Figure Something Out.

And 2 days at our respective homes. In my home, I managed to piss off one of my sisters, forget to call my best friend back about a free window air conditioner (which I couldn’t decide if I wanted or not), fret about my finances so vocally that my parents slipped me a few twenties, and completely lose my creative mojo.

None of those things actually had to do with being home, however. Home is fine. Home is dandy. Caroline and I did a puzzle.

Photo 150

I did get to see my best friend – I stopped by work. I faxed something to my insurance agency so maybe they will send a check in the mail, and I filled out some papers so my mutual funds can be in my name instead of my mother’s.

I made a corn and black bean salad.

I made a whiskey sour.

I (futiley) caught up with last week’s Mad Men so I could watch with my parents.

I spent a grand total of 8 dollars, on car snacks.

For tomorrow. Cause I gotta get back in the car and venture back to the land of no internet, sweltering heat, and um… other Bostonian delights. Trader Joes. Driving in the road with trolley cars. You know.


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