Fat Cat by Robin Brande

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she has to move across the country and take only what she can fit in the back of a pickup truck.

Okay, not every girl’s life.

But this girl had to whittle her extensive library of books down to a few boxes. Three flat Rubbermaids – the kind that slide under your bed – and this one little cardboard one for some more I just couldn’t bear to leave behind. I focused on two categories – Must Haves For Every Library, and You Haven’t Read This But You Really Should.

At midnight on Wednesday, it became clear the books were just not going to fit. So miles and miles later, this girl has been left with one dinky reject box of books.

Luckily, this one made the cut.

Fat Cat is about a brainy, chubby girl who suffers from a case of hidden low self-esteem. But now she’s enrolled in a notoriously brutal and competitive independent study, where you don’t choose your own science fair project but will be expected to kick ass and take names anyway. And for Cat, she’d really-really like to kick the ass of Matt McKinney, her former best friend who betrayed her years ago. So her science fair project is suitably ambitious – a school year spent living like her far-gone evolutionary ancestors. That means no TV, no cell phones, no meat, and no processed ANYTHING. With herself as a guineat pig, Cat hopes to impress the judges with her dedication to the field, and maybe impress Matt in the process.

As someone who counts Animal, Vegetable, Miracle to be one of the best books I’ve ever read, and who is usually floored by anything Michael Pollan decides to dream up, this was a fun book. YA with a food politics slant. But it’s not TOO politicky, nor is it too sciencey. If anything, it might be a little too Romancey Romancey, but in a good way. And this is YA, you know. Anyway, I hope I’m not spoiling anything by saying this is yet another book about a girl who falls for her best friend, but there’s the part where Cat doesn’t even LIKE her best friend, and once the pounds start to fly off, all these other eligible bachelors appear from the wings.

I’ve been reading a lot of A+++ YA lately, since, well, I aspire to write A+++ YA. This isn’t going to top the Printz charts, I don’t think. However, it was good enough to make me reconsider my A+++ dreams and settle for a solid MidList success.

This one comes out in October, so look out for it then! She has another one out – Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature – and I hope it made it into one of those other three boxes sitting in my garage.

Amazon Link | Robin Brande’s Website


One Comment to “Fat Cat by Robin Brande”

  1. LOL…I like to think my first novel will be a quiet midlist success, then of course my diehard fans will help my second novel to top the charts, and every teenager will know my name. At that point, I will run for President to capitalize on my celebrity.

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