dreams for a new city

Be a tourist.

See all the historic sights,

go whale watching,

do the museums,

see the aquarium.

Be a regular at a great coffee shop.

Master public transportation.

Get a library card and use it!

Volunteer as a shelf-reader, or some other mindless library task.

Get a summer internship in a Young Adult Services position.

Go running around Jamaica Pond

(The perfect .5 mile warm-up walk, 1.5 mile run, .5 mile walk home)

Take a bus to NYC for a weekend.

Go to the beach!

Find a writing critique group for YA writers

Institute a weekly Cheap Date Night.

Decorate my apartment,

and then lure as many of my friends to visit as I can.

Conquer living-on-a-budget

Babysit (if needed)

Save up $300 and buy into a produce co-op for the season

Be adventurous.

Get home when I can.

Soak it up.


4 Comments to “dreams for a new city”

  1. Because I am living in Boston vicariously through you, and regretting that I didn’t take more advantage of the city while I was there, I feel compelled to offer a few comments:
    – For the coffee place, I recommend Espresso Royale. There’s one on Newbury St. and it’s a grad-students-of-Boston icon. All organic, hippy-dippy type folks, killer chai latte & yummy bagel sandwiches.

    – There’s a Bus that runs from South Station to New York, called BoltBus, and you can get wicked (be prepared for the word “wicked” to enter your vernacular) cheap round trip tickets that take you right into Midtown. You can do this on the Chinatown bus, but Bolt is cleaner and less likely to break down.

    • aw, thanks! you’re a doll 🙂 i’m totally thirsty of any Boston insider info, so this is totally helpful. i can’t believe i’m leaving in 5 days! gah!

  2. I am so excited for you and am looking forward to reading along as you embark on this great adventure!

  3. I love your new blog look! And those are a lot of my goals for a new city too, so exciting!

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