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July 30, 2009

finding a job in boston

First Choice: Libraries

Being that 90% of my job experience has occured within the hallowed halls of various libraries (as well as that whole “I’m going to school to be a librarian” bit), this is the natural choice. Boston is a large metropolitan area! Their public library system has 25 branches, all of which require staff members to carry out day-to-day doings. Surely there must be a spot for a MLS student with 6+ years of library experience (1 yr page, 3.5 yr academic reference assistant, 2 yr public youth) and a great deal of enthusiasm?


Too bad they aren’t hiring. For a single g.d. position.

I did find 2 positions at the Cambridge Public Library. However, I was not contacted for either position.

Libraries: 0 for 2

Second Choice: Fellowships

The advantages of working for your school are many. Short commute. Built-in schedule flexibility for your classes. Some come with a little (or a lot) of paid tuition.

There are some hefty pay-for-your-entire-tuition fellowships at Simmons. However, none were open this semester, and I may have acquired too many credits to apply for them next semester. Harumph. However, I did drop my resume to the College of Arts and Sciences, and soon received an email about an open position with the honors program, doing office work, coordinating social events, and running the book club. Part time, paid hourly, and a 1,000 dollar scholarship. Drool drool drool.

However, the professor who approached me was about to spend some time out of the country taking oral histories for a non-fiction book aimed for young adults (cool??!??) and I think never came back.

But today, I got an email from another professor, for a position involving student grants. He would like an interview next week. This is obviously a recurring problem. Note to self: next time I’m in this sitch, move out EARLY and get ready to apply HARD.

Fellowships: 2 for 1

Third Choice: School Libraries

I spent a lot of time trolling the internet for teaching jobs for Lance. Call me overbearing if you want. I’ll call myself a worrywart with too much access to a computer. Browsing school employment web pages, I noticed a lot of Library Paraprofessional positions open – jobs working with school librarians that might require a college degree and experience with libraries and kids, but not an MLS.

I think I applied for 3. I heard back from a middle school position, but they sent me a form letter with a link to a page where I had to choose my interview date – Thursday, Friday, or Monday. This was back in June.

School Libraries: 1 for 3

Fourth Choice: Retail

I am halfway to 25 and have avoided working retail so far. My brief encounters with the library cash register have been unfortunate. I’ve never had to wear a uniform. I get off on the altruism of offering free information as opposed to asking for money.

However, upon signing a 1,200/month lease, both Lance and I found ourselves in our hotel room, filling out any applications we were mildly qualified for. Despite his education degree, Lance has acquired 5 years of food service experience. I might not have a zest for retail, but I can do Customer Service (we prefer to call it Patron Service round here, or Child Wrangling, or Parent Management depending on the context). So Lance applied for a job at Whole Foods. I applied for two different spots at A Big Name Book  Store…. and when I got home, I filled out an app for a Big Name Department Type Store as well.

The next day, Big Name Department Type Store called. Hiring seasonal positions, told me to call when I get in.

On Tuesday, I set up an interview with Big Name Book Store.

I might be going to the Dark Side, but I guess it’s better than waiting tables, cleaning toilets, or getting evicted.

Retail: 2 for 2

Moral of the Story?

All ye job hunters? Get the heck outta Michigan.