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July 24, 2009

the a’s to all your burning q’s

Q: Jessica, what are you wearing today?

A: This dress I splurged on a while back. Throw a white polo on top, and I’m instantly both work friendly and an AE walking advertisement.

And yes, 35 bucks for a dress is a splurge.

Q:Jessica, what are your plans for the weekend?

A: P-A-C-K-I-N-G!

And cleaning.

And… um… feeling awkward because I will be home with my dad all weekend and weird things happen when we are the only ones home. Weird things like food decay and Mexican dinners and long chats about My Future.

Q: Jessica, what delicious blueberry treat did you end up making?


Blueberry Boybait a la Smitten Kitchen

Q: Jessica, what are you obsessed with lately?

A: Funny you should ask, because I just updated my Obsessions tab.

Things that didn’t make the list:

* Farmville on Facebook

* Bubbly lemonade

* Alice and Kev

* Pacing the Panic Room

Q: Jessica, you seem so calm and collected lately. Is everything ready for Boston?

A: sd/lfjkalskdnrfeihrha97sdyfiauhsdhlfjabnwkejrhlawkjerhaljkdfnalksdf

Q: Jessica, if you could be any song in the world, what song would you be?


As sung by my 13-year-old sister.

Q: Jessica, what room in the house do you spend the most time?

A: Look at my packing list and make a guess