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July 21, 2009


I have officially become the most boring person on the planet.

L and I have been full-time long distance for over three years now, plus 2 summers prior, which means we talk on the phone. A lot. Different folks have different opinions of long distance relationships, and although I have also been a participant in one of those Not So Great LDRs, I am still on the side of Give It A Try.

But it’s really more like Give It A Try But Make Sure You Have Free Moblie-To-Mobile Minutes. And at least one car between the two of you. Mutual internet access a plus.

Anyway, I’m used to creating colorful phone conversation. Lance is used to regurgitating his daily activities every evening. Sometimes we gossip about our friends and family – the kind of deep, philosophical gossiping that doesn’t feel as bad – or debate about hard-hitting topics: religion, politics, whether or not I should go to the gym on any given evening.

But lately, the phone magic is gone.

Exchanges go a little like this:

Me: Did you get that check for the landlord in the mail yet?

L: Not yet. But I did find another job to apply for today.

Me: Cool! I got a call back from Target today but they don’t know if they’ll have any jobs open when we move so I’ll have to call back.

Lance: Maybe I should apply too.

Me: Yeah. You could. They got right back to me.

L: I think I’m going to put in my two weeks tomorrow.

Me: Why?

L: I’ll have time to work at this band camp gig and practice for my recital.

Me: That makes sense.  Oh, guess how much money is in my checking account!

And so on and so forth.








No wonder my brain feels so mushy.

Highlights of my mushy-brained-boring-boring life?

  • Going to bed early.

I think I said it once before, but it’s worth repeating:

Don’t expect anything from me until at least October.