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July 18, 2009

Impossible by Nancy Werlin

Being not a girl who generally enjoys fantasy, 2008 was a pretty rough year for me in terms of YA releases. There were so many tasty looking books popping up on my shelves, but the inside cover revealed faeries, alternate universes, other icky, supernatural nonsense.

But the covers… so pretty! And the reviews… so good!

So I tried. I really liked The Rules of Survival, I may or may not be on a pregnant teenager kick, and have pleasant childhood memories of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Scarborough Fair.”

Lucy Scarborough is athletic, friendly, and gets along with her foster parents. Sure, she’s never been on a date and her birth mom, Miranda, is a crazy homeless lady who occasionally follows her around singing a made up version of “Scarborough Fair,” but that doesn’t get her down. But soon, Lucy uncovers what really happened to Miranda after she got pregnant at 17… and learns that it’s going to happen to her too if you she can’t break the curse. And in order to do that, her whole adopted family must band together and decode the mysteries of Miranda’s song.

I really liked this book. I superb mix of the real and the unreal – VERY grounded in reality. A lot of this comes from the strength in Lucy’s character. She is stable, she is responsible, and even though the characters are taking the same leap of imagination that the author asks of us, she makes you believe it. There is a Cheese Factor to this book – a lot of The Power of Family Bonding and True Love Conquers All goin’ on, which I found a little harder to stomach than the fantasy elements, actually. But I was definitely still holding my breath to see if Lucy would succeed in her tasks, and felt a little bummed that I’d have to leave the book behind.

Well done, Nancy!