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July 17, 2009

Boston Recap

Monday – We Drive

Woke up feeling full of energy at 5:00 a.m. [Roadtrip Tip: skimp on dinner the night before you get up early for a trip – you’ll wake up with extra incentive to be alert because you’re starving, and you’ll avoid the dreaded Early Morning Hours Nausea. Or maybe I’m the only one who gets that.] Ate car food – veggies & hummus, fruit, PB&J, Sunchips. [Roadtrip Tip: pack a cooler full of tasty things and cold drinks, so you won’t have to stop at McDonalds and waste time/money/calories.] Napped in the car or drove 3-4 hour stretches [Roadtrip Tip: if you can, plan your driving around well-placed caffeinated beverages. I was rarely at the wheel without an iced coffee or an energy drink to keep me going] GPS was handy [Roadtrip Tip: make sure your GPS is not telling you to go through Canada before you start blindly following it’s Australian Accented directionals] Made it to the hotel by 9:00.

Tuesday – Real Estate

It is very hard to find an apartment in Boston from a distance. It is exhausting, it is frustrating, it is… well… not a picnic. While we were driving, Lance met with two brokers and saw about 4 apartments, with one or two that looked really good. On Monday, we looked at a studio (to spread out our options) and the manager of the apartment spent about 20 minutes telling us the cold hard facts about Boston Real Estate – it’s competitive, it’s never a “renter’s market,” and if you’re a couple looking for a place? Nobody will give you a studio because you will either break lease and move or break lease and break up. If you get a one bed, they’ll probably want to jack the price up just because there are two of you. Good Luck!

All this occurred before 11 a.m.

We had a little more luck in the Jamaica Plain area. Our broker did tell us that one bed’s were hard to find in the area, and therefore quickly snatched up so it became evident as we toured about 5 places that we would be choosing TODAY with limited choices and limited research.

Stress levels rising…

The last one was the winner. 3rd floor walk up. 1200/month with utilities included and laundry in the basement. Half mile from a T stop. Across the street from a park.

However, the landlady lives in Connecticut, so while I left a hefty check and a signed lease, there was no Finality to this transaction and I am therefore not going to gush and be excited. I still feel like I need a Plan B here.

But if you want to see some pics, click here.

So a day of apartment nonsense went a little something like this: Drive, Drive, Park, Drive, Park, Look, Hem, Haw, Drive, Drive, Park, Sign, Fill Out, Drive, Park, Notarize, Drive, Park, Sign, Sign, Sign, Sign, Sign, Sign, Drive, Park, Collapse.

We ate dinner at Boston Market.

It was shameful and delicious.

I went to bed with that Anvil On Your Chest feeling. I just signed a lease. A LEASE! I DON’T HAVE A JOB AND NEITHER DOES MY BOYFRIEND!

I thought I might cry or throw up but it was surprisingly easy to fall asleep.

Tuesday – This Is How It Will Be

First thing’s first: head over to my new school. Drive into the city, find a parking spot, and talk with my financial aid counselor.

Somehow, things feel better after that.

Because all my tuition is going to be paid for (until, of course, I have to pay it all back and then some), and there’s still time to ask for MORE money to help cushion this whole Living On My Own Without Income predicament. Not the best idea, but maybe necessary for my piece of mind. I can do it. I can do it!

Then we got a parking ticket.

The rest of the day ran more optimistically.We headed back to the hotel for a bit and really Lived It Up, Hotel Room Party Style.

aka, my Mom knitted, Lance applied for a job at Whole Foods, I applied for one at Borders.

Finished signing our lease in the afternoon, walked around a cute little library branch, then drove into the city proper for seafood.

Our hostess went to Western. Another waiter studied trumpet and writes original music. The food was great (oh, scallops!) and the parking cost more than our aforementioned parking ticket.

Stuffed and tired, we retired. Swam in the freezing cold pool wearing my mother’s swimsuit. Watched videos on Youtube. Tucked in early. So tired.

Thursday – Convoy

We drove home together, our two cars, the PT Cruiser and the smoke-spewing Saturn. Hit rush hour traffic in the a.m., giving Lance a taste of what it might be like to drive out to the suburbs. They drive in the shoulder! Cah-razy. And then it was the napping and driving game.

When I drove, I could peek in on my boyfriend through the rearview mirror.

When I napped, I thought about how to decorate my new apartment.