Out the door before seven, on the bus before eight.

Exhibitions, walking.

ARC hunting. Catching Fire fail 😦 Pleasant suprises, though.

Celebrity sightings

Exhaustion, late, long bus ride, ran over my cell phone with my mother’s car.


Sleep in. Headache.


2:00 p.m., my boyfriend is finally, proven alive, despite suspicions to the contrary.

Big Love, Rockstar, ice pack.




3 Comments to “stamina”

  1. So jealous of the John Green sighting!

    • um… I’ve seen him 3 times now. I’m starting to feel like a stalker! Plus I have this total nervous fangirl thing and can’t say a single comprehensible sentence when he’s signing books, like i’m 12 and he’s joe jonas… seriously embarrassing.

      you a nerdfighter then? if so: awesome πŸ˜€

  2. I truly appreciate that Lauren Campbell was a celebrity sighting.

    HI LAUREN! πŸ™‚

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