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July 7, 2009

clocks and girls that are tired

Whether or not my particular level of fatigue is a Health Problem or just a Human Problem is certainly up for debate. However, fighting The Fatigue is a constant battle for me.

Maybe I’m just hyper-observant to my energy levels, but I have so many different kinds of tired.

Yesterday morning was the Full-Body Tired, which asks me to take naps in the Starbucks drive through lane and requires diligent eyelid prying while driving to work. Caffeine is a must (unless, of course, you have a 10 p.m. epiphany the night before).

photo by fruitanimal

Sunday afternoon I was hit by the Naps. A special kind of fatigue that you can feel in your stomach, that you KNOW will not go away until you… um… take a nap.

photo by jamie durrant

There’s After-Work-Exhaustion, a phenomenon facilitated by taking a reclining position after work. This one usually bites me about 15 minutes before I have to get ready for the gym, conveniently enough.

On the days I go into work at 12:30, I often get hit by the Lazy Morning Fatigue. LMF often follows an early rising hour, and is characterized by feeling a sudden communion with the couch at around 9:30 or 10:00. If indulged, LMF will lead you back into dreamland and BAM you’ve got 10 minutes before you have to be out the door.

This morning should have been an LMF day. I didn’t get up before 8:00 a.m. to be Goodly and Pure. In fact, I was extremely excited to sleep in last night, only to have my excitement quickly dashed by reminder that tomorrow is the day you register for your classes! Promptness is important! All the good classes will be dashed up before you can say eight oh two!

But I wasn’t tired. It wasn’t the LMF day – I sat on the couch without wanting to become one with its cushy brownness. I didn’t have the Naps, nor the Full-Body-Exhaustion of yesterday. Not once did I think about having a Diet Coke or brewing an espresso.

So I endeavored as to WHY (which, as you might have noticed, I cannot seem to do in regards to ANY of these various fatigues) I might feel so alert today, this day I got up so early and against my will.

The sunlight? Really a beautiful morning.

The gradual awakening? I was up with my alarm, but didn’t rise until my stomach insisted, letting Gabriel Byrne slowly rouse my full consciousness.

The excitement of finding a new apartment posting on Craigslist? Under a grand for a one bed with utilities and a parking spot – Be still my heart!

Some visceral Perking Up brought on by a solid hour of Sims 3 playing?

No. No. I’ve done all those before.

The only thing I hadn’t done?

Talked to my mom when she brought me my alarm-ringing cell phone at 7:50.

Chatted with my dad about his goals on a lovely day off at 9:15, while I waited for him to finish his game of Spider Solitaire.

Spoke to Lance on the phone briefly to alert him to Awesome Apartment and encourage him to call TODAY and sound really interested.

Sat with Dorothy while I played The Sims 3 and she woke up.

Conversed with a sleepy Caroline who rose shortly before leaving.

My Hypothesis?

Living with people – surrounding yourself with family – can be beneficial to your health and fight off many varying strains of sleepiness.

Unless those friendly family members are trying to wake you up before 9 in the morning and in that case, they will only induce homicidal rage and crying.

Or at least from my experience.