real-time blogging

This is me.

Photo 82

I am making English muffins, and I just sat outside and read Traveling Mercies while the sprinkler watered my sister’s vegetable plants.

This is Lance.

Photo 83

He is applying for a job. This is his Working Hard To Do Some Bullshit face.

Today, we drove out to Flavor Fruit Farms so I could buy a 7 dollar jar of cherry butter. To put on my English muffins.

I’m taking him to go see The Hangover in a minute, then making some chicken salad for dinner.

Life is good.

I wish I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow.


One Comment to “real-time blogging”

  1. oh my goodness, the hangover is SO hilarious! im sure you guys will love it

    and this might be inappropriate (and a couple posts late, since your eye candy was a few days ago) but in the pic of you, i totally thought the hair snaking down your shirt was cleavage, and i really hated you for a good 5 minutes until i realized it was hair. haha. i do love that shirt though, cute!

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