Summer Movies I Can’t Wait To See v.5

I saw the Sorcerer’s Stone with my family, before I’d read the books.

The second movie was me and my sister. She made me sit and wait until after the final credits even though I didn’t want to.

The third movie we saw at midnight. I may have fallen asleep.

The fourth I almost didn’t get to see – I was still at school when it was released, I had to go back early. But one fateful night in my lonely apartment, Heather Roommate came up to my room and asked, “Um… do you want to go see Harry Potter?” and we were the only people in the theater.

Number five was two summers ago, and we bribed my dad with popcorn so he’d take us.

And now six.

Yeah. I’m excited.

July 15. Trailer here.


One Comment to “Summer Movies I Can’t Wait To See v.5”

  1. I’m so excited! The wait for this one has been rough since it was pushed back and we’re obviously didn’t get any new books in the meantime.

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