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June 26, 2009

Summer Movies I Can’t Wait To See v.5

I saw the Sorcerer’s Stone with my family, before I’d read the books.

The second movie was me and my sister. She made me sit and wait until after the final credits even though I didn’t want to.

The third movie we saw at midnight. I may have fallen asleep.

The fourth I almost didn’t get to see – I was still at school when it was released, I had to go back early. But one fateful night in my lonely apartment, Heather Roommate came up to my room and asked, “Um… do you want to go see Harry Potter?” and we were the only people in the theater.

Number five was two summers ago, and we bribed my dad with popcorn so he’d take us.

And now six.

Yeah. I’m excited.

July 15. Trailer here.

June 26, 2009

not the same after that

There are very few moments in my life when I feel that all is right with the world.

Most of those moments occur directly before or after sleep.

Everything’s in flux right now. When I’m awake, there are decisions to make, things to think about, choices to second guess. Third guess. Two hundred and twenty-fifth guess. So when I’m not working and not decision making, I’m in some stage of zoning out. This makes me a very uninteresting person, I’m afraid. I’m pretty sure nobody wants to talk to me anymore.

This will probably go on for some time.

In July, I’m going to Chicago for a day, driving to Boston and back, taking a week off work to start packing/getting rid of stuff, and working 30 hours a week in the meantime.

In August I’ll be finishing up in Michigan and moving. So many details are up in the air that I can’t even worry myself over them individually. Just thinking about the word AUGUST is enough to ruin my lunch.

In September, I’ll be going back to school. Figuring out how to survive in a new city. Getting a job. Freaking out. Et cetera.

So don’t expect much from me in September.

October, I think I’ll be okay.

In October, I’m going to celebrate surviving July, August, and September.

I bought tickets yesterday.