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June 20, 2009

things look up

Since my last official freak-out…

+ The Boy finally gets all his annoying teacher crap together and starts applying for jobs.

+ I get a blog comment from a future classmate that reminds me that I’m not the only person in the world making a crazy decision to move across the country just so I can pay someone A LOT of money to go to school. People do scary things every day, not just me. Things usually turn out okay.

+ Dates are firmed up for mid-July trip. Next step – hotel reservations.

+ I came home from work on Friday and BOOM! MY SISTER IS HOME FROM CAMP!! AAAHH!!

+ My dad inquired about his health insurance, and I am covered until I turn 25 (March of 2010) and then for REMAINDER OF THE CALENDAR YEAR. I have free health insurance until January of 2011.

+ I got an email from my school in regards to a Fellowship I applied for, and they seem very interested. Which means that in the Fall, I could be receiving another $1000 scholarship as well as 20 hours a week in hourly wages… working with Honors Undergrads. Leading social events. The phrase Book Club was bandied about. And she’s totally okay with having an interview DURING my little Boston trip.

Um. Score?

+ I bought the coolest toenail polish.


Everything doesn’t have to be doom and gloom, I spose.

Gotta go. I got things to do. Sarah Dessen books to read.