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June 13, 2009

the kind of blog nobody wants to read

I am finally feeling okay today. Monday was okay. Tuesday I could barely walk (thank YOU Jillian Michaels). Wednesday I could barely walk and I kept injuring myself due to lack of mobility. Thursday night I came home from work feeling like hell. Friday I woke up with a weird-migrainey feeling – Excedrin kicked the headache for most of the day but I was nauseous until I went to bed.

Woke up feeling fine.


I started the 30 Day Shred on Monday, but really failed at keeping it up. I think I’m well enough to go to the real gym today, as well as make my 20 minute date, and that makes me happy.

Discouraged about moving. Quarreling with my boyfriend about it. It’s not that I want to bitch and moan about it. I’m excited. I really am. But the excitement is buried DEEP under all of the obnoxious, painful details that need to be squared away, and there’s only so many of them I can handle at this time.

And the ones I can take care of? I’m hesitant.

I could sign up for classes now. But wouldn’t that mean I’d be billed at some point? Wouldnt that mean I’d have to set up my student loans? So I email the right people and they don’t really answer my questions. Which sucks, but I get an idea of what I’m up against. I complete my Loan Entrance Counselling. I’m put face to face with the scary idea that I’m going to be 50,000 dollars in debt, PLUS INTEREST.

That number covers tuition. Not books. Not rent. Not food, heat, parking, bus passes, water, cable. Just tuition.

I’m shaking in my gd boots.

I’m going to Boston in July with the boyfriend and my mother, to scout out apartments.

I need a hotel reservation. I need to make appointments to talk to the proper advisers to get my classes set up. I need to make sure the boyfriend can actually COME with us. I need to figure out how to look at least… I don’t know… three apartments that I can afford (aka dirt cheap) in a small space of time.

This is probably why I felt like crap for the past few days. My stomach is starting to ache even now just thinking about it. My parents bring it up and I leave the room. I bring it up with the boyfriend, and I’m either Worrying Too Much or Lecturing. There’s nothing I can do except stew, it looks like.

Or watch TV. Knocked back season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy this week and now have the latest How I Met Your Mother (YES!)

And I’m at work the majority of the time. Today is the 5th day running, tomorrow off, back for Monday and Tuesday. I know I work part time, but with a commute it adds up fast. I’m in the car. I’m at work. I’m asleep. I’m freaking out. Little time remains.

It’s not on my List of Summer Movies, but my family might take me to see Up. Tonight or tomorrow.

I will be here for 60 days. Then I will be gone.