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June 8, 2009


Most of you probably know that I live with my parents.

Yes, yes. I am a 24-year-old woman living in my parents’ basement.

The only thing sadder than a 24-year-old woman living in her parents’ basement is… a 25-year-old woman living in her parents’ basement?

Well, naysayers, let me tell you this…

I love it.

Let me tell you what I did today…

Since I don’t pay rent, I have the luxury of working a job I enjoy in my chosen field, even though the position is only part time.

So today was my day off.

I slept in a little. Got up at about 10:30. I was having some super weird dreams that needed attending to. But I got a good night’s rest and felt pretty good. Breakfast: cereal with blueberries, and eggs while I finished watching the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that put me to sleep last night.

Caroline and visiting Rachael Z joined in halfway through.

A shower was in order, then the blowdrying of hair. Said goodbye to Betsy, who is left for her summer camp job, and decided to put off my daily duties and play The Sims 3 for juuuust a little while.

Hey. It’s my day off!

2:00. Time to go pick up Dorothy from summer band. She’s taking double lessons – jazz piano and oboe. I sat in the parking lot and read this really great book until my sister showed up with a friend needing a ride. Should’ve seen that one coming. Dropped Kara off and then we were home.

Then, I had a 20-minute-date with Jillian Michaels. Day One of Jessica’s-Bikini-Treatment-Plan. More on that later. But I will say this… um… I don’t have any hand weights, and this is DAY ONE and I was having difficulties hefting myself up and down stairs IMMEDIATELY AFTER FINISHING. This is going to be one rough 30 days.

Feeling more winded than I probably should have, I parked myself in front of my computer and worked out a grocery list. By 3:30, I mustered up the energy to run The Errands.

Car music? Grey’s Anatomy (I really want to finish this season and move on to some other TV shows) on my laptop. First Stop? Allergy Shot –¬† complete with built in 20 minutes to keep reading that dang book. Next Stop? Meijer. Proud of myself when I roll into the self-check out lane with a basket comprised 90% produce and 10% canned tomato products.

I rush home. I’m to drop of my groceries and run Dorothy over to her first oboe lesson. I even split my grocery bill between debit and credit so I could get cash back to pay for her damn 12 dollar reed. I’m mentally preparing for what needs to be done when I walk in the door… do I have time to boil potatos? Would that be dangerous to leave on the stove? But Mom’s car is in the driveway. She’s home from leaving Betsy in the middle of the woods. I can cook.

And cook I do.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (had some black-as-the-dead-of-night bananas on my hands… I added walnuts)

Potato salad (obsessed would be to put it lightly)

Regular salad

Semi-fresh salsa (delegated to Caroline)

Skillet chicken breasts flavored a la barbecue

Sliced strawberries with a little sugar

This onion dip from a store-brand soup mix that make vegetables SO GOOD

I put dinner on the table by quarter to seven. Caroline and my Dad joined me to eat shortly thereafter. My mom couldn’t make it because she had to get to Church Group and Dorothy said she’d eat after she went for a run, but everyone will be fed.

It’s now quarter after seven. My bread just came out of the oven. I still have things on my agenda, but they seem like nice things. The gym, thinking of all those Important Things That Must Be Done Soon and which ones I can do tomorrow, talking to my boyfriend, and lots and lots of dishes… which can easily be accompanied by Grey’s Anatomy.

My parents will come home eventually. I will likely sit and chat with them while they watch TV and I have a post-work-out snack. I will likely park it in front of this computer and watch Dorothy and/or Caroline play computer games for awhile. We will be silly. Maybe someone will invent a new dance. Then I might make a date with Open Office and a glass of red wine.

Like I said. I like living here.

It’s probably just the strange combination of my parents (who like spending time with me and appreciate the ways I contribute to the household), me (who likes spending time with her family, doesn’t mind contributing most of the time, and has a proclivity for leisure activities you wouldn’t mind your parents¬† knowing about), and this very rare time in both of our lives where this living situation is possible.

This is a good home.

And I am sad to be leaving it.