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June 5, 2009

things to hear and see

Things You Probably Need To Know About Me: A/V Edition

I think the best shows on TV right now are

Big Love

Mad Men

The Office

How I Met Your Mother

I think the best show NOT on TV is

Arrested Development

The show I think I would like but haven’t watched yet is

Friday Night Lights

The show I am most anticipating is


My go-to movies for repeat viewings are

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Knocked Up

Freaky Friday

I will watch any movie starring

Paul Rudd or Mandy Moore

I will listen to any CD by

Jason Mraz or Electric Six

My favorite musical soundtracks are

Bye Bye Birdie


Les Miserables

Fiddler on the Roof

My favorite Beatles song


My favorite Regina Spektor song


My favorite Weezer song

Say It Ain’t So

My favorite Simon and Garfunkel song

Bridge Over Troubled Water

My favorite Britney Spears song


My favorite movie soundtracks

Garden State


Moulin Rouge

My favorite Disney movie


My favorite song from a Disney Movie

Colors of the Wind

My favorite songs at this exact moment are

Let Me See Your Hips Swing

I’m on a Boat

Rock Lobster


What would your answers be?

(I’m serious. I want to know! Your favorite Simon and Garfunkel tune says a lot about your personality, ya know)