A River of Words by Jen Bryant & Melissa Sweet

I woke up this morning needing a vacation from my vacation.

Work has been frustrating because I am not being a People Person today but strangely enough, people keep talking to me.

Also, I should be at home playing The Sims 3.

Also, I don’t have enough time to play The Sims 3 because I need to clean and grocery shop and sleep and go back to work.

Also, I miss my boyfriend, who I have not seen since the 10th of May.

I forget this sometimes, but my particular place of work offers me a simple salve for my woes.

Today, this book was it.

A simple children’s biography of a poet I knew nothing about.

But he seemed like a very good man who balanced life and art with ease,

and was rewarded for his efforts.

And oh, the illustrations!

Maybe I’ll read it again,

before I go home.

More info about William Carlos Williams | About the Author | About the Illustrator | Amazon Link


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