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May 27, 2009

Top Ten Most Embarrassing Songs I Love Passionately

My friend Ashley over at The Minis and Me posted this fun Top Ten list, and I was kind of jealous. So I decided to join in!

My Top Ten Embarrassing iPod Songs

  1. Ashlee Simpson – “Autobiography” Questionable musical ability. Stagey “punk” persona. Pre-nose job. Love it.
  2. The Bloodhound Gang – “The Bad Touch” Really awful puns. Dirty dirty dirty. Still cracks me up almost 10 years later
  3. Dashboard Confessional – “The Best Deceptions” So 2003, I know, and this is probably one of the more EMO of this emo-type band… but I still love it
  4. The Beastie Boys – “Brass Monkey” That funky monkey!
  5. Weird Al Yankovich – “White and Nerdy” I like Weird Al, OKAY?
  6. All State Choir 2003 – “If Music Be The Food Of Love” You mean it’s weird to have choral recordings from high school on your iPod? I had no idea!
  7. Lindsay Lohan – “Confessions of a Broken Heart” Um. I LOVE THIS SONG.
  8. They Might Be Giants – “Bed Bed Bed” I harbor a small weakness for children’s music. What’s it to ya?
  9. Gene Chandler – “Duke of Earl” Ooh-ooh-oooh- OOOOH-OOOH!
  10. The Music Man – “Gary Indiana” It’s the place I love!

This was like the most defensive list ever!