Sunday Night

5.24.2009 11:04:31 p.m.


After a very long day full of early rising, extended family visiting (and subsequent vigorous graduate school questioning), and various symptoms of the cyclical, feminine variety, the subject was at a loss.

She woke up with a dream that was a plotline to a book. It wasn’t HER book, she recognized, although it seemed good enough to write down, and all day long the subject felt like she should be thinking about a story. Maybe writing a story.

So she read a book.

She meandered around her to-do list.

She thought about her obsessions. She added a few things to a list of favorites.

And she forgot her dream story.

It’s okay. It really was bad. She titled it in her dream – The Twilight People. The subject’s dream-self hoped that the title would somehow rocket her first story to success and give her the vehicle to write the books she really loved.

At 11:04:31: p.m., she decided to write the books she really loved.


For now, there is a heating pad, a glass of wine, a big bowl of popcorn,

and Vicky Cristina Barcelona.


2 Comments to “Sunday Night”

  1. let me know what you think of that movie. I have been pondering renting it… but I don’t even spend money on rentals unless they come with a good recommendation 🙂 I save a lot of money that way.

    • Okay. I can report back now!

      Vicky Cristina = B+ A good watch, but nothing to knock your socks off.
      Glee = A++++! waaaaatch it. you know you wanna! you can watch it HD on Fox’s site. I can’t wait till more in the fall!

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