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May 23, 2009

what’s going on

Weekend Checklist

□ Get up butt-ass early and go to the gym tomorrow morning f.a.i.l.

□ Clean mah room gave it the old college try. laundry at least conquered

Continue to mastermind a Library Love Connection stage two complete. not sure what stage three is yet…

Try not to accidentally substitute the words:

“Take off your pants and follow me”

into this hymn my sister and I are singing in church on Sunday SUCCESS!

Behave as a model granddaughter should A for effort

□ Possibly ask my visiting grandparents if they would be willing/able to fund some of my graduate school expenses

(am rethinking this one for the time being…)

□ Watch Glee (tragic DVR incident occured!)

□ Pre-order a copy of The Sims 3

□ Deliver a suitcase to FranceyAnn so we can start packing for San Antonio!!

□ Find out what happened to Lance last night at his friend’s house… 4 a.m. cryptic text message! The suspense is killing me…