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May 16, 2009

happy mac

Ever since The Ultimate Technological Fail of 2009, I’ve been out of sorts.

My mind has  been running a little bit like this:

God. I don’t have a single thing to do. My parents are watching the LOST season finale upstairs, which I’ve been trying OH SO HARD to avoid contact with, so I can’t sit upstairs. My sister’s doing her homework on the other computer. I could sit and read in my room but… DaMMIT! I want my computer back! I SO can’t afford to buy a new one right now, and I’m not even joking. I can’t afford it! A new harddrive would set me back at least 100 bucks, and I Can. Not. Afford. It. until AT LEAST June. wtf. June? JUNE!?? I haven’t looked at some of my favorite blogs in WEEKS! Tragic, I know…. It’s just, my whole schedule is tied up in this computer. I feel so disjointed. So unconnected. I don’t even have the WILL TO BLOG! Gasp. I guess I could reinstall Windows on my Desktop and use that… Man, so much for ever starting a book again, unless I want to do it longhand… D-a-M-m-I-t!

I can’t afford to get it fixed.

I’m going to be computerless for LIFE!


Oooowwwwwww my finger hurts. Why did I have to gouge myself with scissors?? MY LIFE SUCKS!!!!! GASSHHH!!H!HHSDFD!!1

What am I going to do?

It’s broken.

Maybe I should just cut my losses.

At this point, I would usually lose consciousness. Seriously??! As these Windows computer age, they seem to pick up more and more crap. My old laptop had 5 new useless applications than my desktop. If I had to use Vista every day, how long would it be until I wanted to kill myself?

The worst part? The waiting. Knowing that I couldn’t DO anything to fix my dead laptop, that unless I wanted to fork over the big bucks, I might as well do Nothing.

Until one fateful night…. last night to be specific…. during which my sister got into a fight with her boything.

the phonecall

Betsy: Are you coming home soon?

Me:  I’m almost home.

Betsy: Will you be here soon?

Me: YES! I’m ALMOST home!

Betsy: Dad is offering to pay for dinner at Seva tonight if you want to go.

<click back over to Lance, who I was talking to before the Call Waiting>

Me: Why in the world is Dad offering to pay for an expensive dinner in Ann Arbor? I’m SO confused!

Lance: Maybe he wanted some alone time with your…

Me: ACK!!!!GSKFNWEIRNWIFNskdfnwoernwerjk

Lance: hahaha… no really, stop complaining and go eat a free, delicious dinner. And take your computer to the Apple Store while you’re over there.

Turns out, Betsy and her boything were fighting about some supposed plans that were broken, and to be the consoling, nurturing parent, my dad offered to pay for better plans that that stinking boy. So Betsy, Caroline, and Jessica were off for a Boything-free dinner at the our favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurant, with a quick detour to the Briarwood Mall.

An hour and a half later, I am about to offer extremely inappropriate expressions of gratitude to a Genius named David, he of the carrot-shaped ball point pen and the slightly crazy eyes. Thank you, David! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Because you are giving me a new harddrive,

on my out of warranty,

dingy gray,

cracked and chipped laptop


And it will be done today.

Yes, my data will be lost.

I will mourn the following bits of data the most:

A) An a cappella torrent I spent a week nurturing to life

B) Pictures from Washington DC (I lugged that camera around all week for NOTHING?!??)

C) Pictures from Chicago (You know if you don’t have pictures, it didn’t happen, right?)

D) This spreadsheet that had a year’s worth of progress on a never-ending Choir Booster project. (ouch…)

E) A year’s worth of goofy photobooth pics with myself and various loved ones

Mourn mourn mourn.

But thanking GOD I have a Mac 🙂