Sad Mac

The Technology Gods have really got it out for me.

Flash back two weeks: I’m sifting through stacks of burned CDs and DVDs, inserting and ripping one at a time onto my laptop for eventual transfer to my external harddrive. Cleaning, for me, is two parts Tidying, one part Getting My Ducks In A Row. Will I need this thing in my new apartment? Then I should get rid of it. Will I have room for a tote bag full of miscellaneous discs? Then I should electronify them.

So I’m ripping along, when my hard drive fills up. Rats. So much for that idea. I guess I better take care of my external hard drive problem NOW so I can regain use of my disk space.

My external harddrive problem is this: I formatted the machine on a Windows computer. I can take seasons of The Office and Grey’s Anatomy and put them onto my harddrive, and then put them on my laptop with the greatest of ease. But I cannot take ANYTHING from my Macbook and put it on my harddrive, because the files just don’t play nice.

Side-effect of this problem: All of my diligent backing up? I thought I was backing up to my external drive, but really I was backing up an undisclosed location on my laptop itself! Even more reason to fix This Problem.

So I start to fix it. Using my old desktop as a temporary storage drive, I transfer the contents of my harddrive (TV shows and music, mostly) for safe keeping. After I clear off the external drive, I can reformat with my Macbook, back up all my new music, two years worth of writing, and all my pictures. Then I can either burn CDs or use my free online backup thingy that came with my external drive to get them back onto my lappy or my hard drive!

Easy! Well, as easy as a two-hour cut/paste job can be.

I come back two hours later to check my progress.

My computer has gone non-responsive.

And when I restart, my desktop computer is stuck in a continual, hard drive error induced restart-cycle.


So I come to terms with losing all my television shows and music. Torrents come and torrents go. All will be rebuilt. I transfer the remaining contents (Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Brothers and Sisters) to my parent’s computer. However, they won’t all fit! So I do one at a time, then burn a data DVD of that show and delete it. I get two seasons done before getting distracted/forgetting about Getting That Particular Duck In A Row.

This was all fine and dandy until yesterday morning.

My Macbook froze up.

There were noises. Whirring. Cranking. Clunking. Buzzing.

And nothing.

My hard drive? Fried.

The disk utility doesn’t recognize it. Whenever I restart, hoping for the best, I get the same ugly noises.

I have lost a lot of music (replaceable), a lot of writing (the important stuff is saved at work/email/various flashdrives), a gifted copy of Microsoft Office, and a lot of pictures, including my two most recent vacations.

Which isn’t a lot.

I have a date with a Genius at the Apple Store in Ann Arbor tomorrow morning. I will need a new harddrive, I’m guessing. But how much am I willing to pay for the data to be recovered? Not as much as I think it will cost.

It’s all very distressing.

And yet another, expensive Duck that needs my attention 😦


3 Comments to “Sad Mac”

  1. that is SO crazy, a guy i know who had it up to here with dells and got a macbook last year is having troubles with HIS hd now! my stomach is clenching up… maybe i shouldnt be putting all this music on my comp, maybe im asking for it… stay strong for me, mac!

    • It’s actually not as scary a problem as it sounds. Harddrives are pretty cheap (under 100 bucks) and since tech costs lower as time passes, I’ll actually be upgrading.

      However, be a smart girl and BACK THAT SHIT UP!

      Also, you have a desktop, no? Desktops = 100 x more stable than laptops. Don’t worry

      • Yes, true, I’m on a desktop. I do back up regularly, actually, so I wasn’t too worried, but it just seems weird that several Macs are screwing up at the same time. I get way nervous. I had also been contemplating getting an external HD instead of having two boxes of data CDs, so that aspect freaked me out a bit. Big coincidences

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