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May 8, 2009

my two cents is free

Things are getting a little fluffy around these parts.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy fluff. Love it, actually. But there’s a time and a place for everything, and this time and place is officially reserved for hard hitting issues. What I really feel about some timely and serious topics. So brace yourself. This is uncensored, tell-it-like-it-is World Commentary, coming directly at you.


Swine Flu

Everyone’s making a big fat deal about it. And just like when Facebook 2.0 rolled on through, there are definitely cries being heard from the dissenters. “Facebook 2.0 sucks!” say the masses. “Stop whining. Facebook is supposed to change!” holler the dissenters. “Swine flu is out to get me! Hand me a surgical mask and for the love of God stop coughing on me!” say the masses. “Swine flu is no more dangerous than regular flu, you freaks,” say the dissenters. “Slow your roll and stop engulfing the world in a false panic!”

I agree with the dissenters – our country, our world, is overly driven by fear and panic and all those other post 9-11 sociological issues. That sucks. Thinking Swine Flu/Bird Flu/SARS/Ebola/Mad Cow/Salmonella/Killer Bees are going to kill you sucks.


I tend to think that panic serves a purpose when it comes to potential pandemics. It might seem ridiculous to us wealthy, well-bathed Americans, to get up in arms about a flu that’s no dangerous than the average strain, but in order to protect the majority of our world that haveĀ  lesser immune systems (i.e. The Elderly, The Malnourished, Those Who Do Not Have Readily Available Health Care), maybe a panic is what it takes to stop the spread of disease.

We have yet to master the diseases we’ve got. I don’t blame ANYONE for creating a panic when the purpose is to prevent Swine Flu from turning into next century’s AIDS, Malaria, TB, Polio.

America’s Next Top Model

It’s like candy – you only want a taste, but you end up eating the whole bag.

But out of every television show on air right now? This is the one you should keep your preteen/teenage girls away from.

There are few things more dangerous to an average-sized, less-than-confident young woman than a television show where the average weight of the cast is under 130 pounds, where bones are an accessory to a skimpy outfit, where a common plotline is “who is anorexic? who needs to quit stuffing their faces so they can REALLY make it as a model? who is TOO skinny? who’s the Plus-Sized model, I can’t tell!”

Parents, beware.


Is best treated with this game.

Supreme Court Nominations

Justice Souter surely had a good run on the bench. And I’m so glad that Obama is getting a chance to name some new Justices. Naming Supreme Court Justices, in my humblest of opinions, is one of the most influential moves a President can make, and is the most delightful part of the checks&balances that keep our country on a steady track.

I think we need another lady judge. Heck I think we need 3 or 4 more lady judges.

I think that we should forget about pretending these justices are 100% neutral about every issue. It’s silly (who doesn’t have an opinion on abortion, par exampluh?) especially when you’ve read a few of these justice’s opinions. They do take sides on issues, regardless of whether they back up their choices with theory, law, or personal preference, those sides are there and will remain there.

That being said, let’s protect Roe v. Wade!

Where I’m Going To Library School

All roads seem to be leading me to Boston.

My remaining two choices – Rutgers and Simmons – offer top notch educational experiences, youth focused programs, and E.X.P.E.N.S.I.V.E. tuition and living expenses. So I’ll be simultaneously fucked & having a ball at either place.

So if I’m gonna shell out the big bucks, why not pay 1000/month for an apartment in a major metropolitan area instead of 1000/month for a condo in SuburbanJers?

But it’s not final yet. Don’t quote me on that or anything.