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May 31, 2009

the friend you wish you had

Let me introduce you to my friend, Christina.

I could go on and on about this friend of mine. She is smart, funny, suuuuch a sweetheart, and just all around a good person that you can count on for pretty much anything.

After we graduated high school, Christina fell into the trap that most of those children-of-Jackson seem to do: bounce from job to job, let love guide your decisions rather than better judgement, and generally flounder around while she figured things out, and in the process, rack up a lot of not-so-intentional debt.

I’m not judging. We all did it… or are still doing it in my case.

Anywho. So three and a half year ago, Christina did something that pretty much blew us all away.

She joined the army!

So in one brave decision, she left behind her boyfriend, her family, her friends, started a new career and a new life in another state. And now, she has been married for almost two years, is thisclose from being debt-free, has a fab rental house in San Antonio and is months away from becoming an RN and finishing her army contract.

Time flies, time flies. It was not so long ago that we were this little!

But the point I’m trying to make is that she is awesome and I am incredibly proud of her. And right now, I am sitting in her living room, watching HGTV and marvelling over what an excellent hostess my friend is.

We hopped off the plane, tired and starving to death, and Christina promptly bought us strawberry margaritas and a tray of nachos that weighed more than a newborn baby.

Later, she and her husband took us to THE MELTING POT for our belated birthdays.


Yesterday, we explored an underground cavern together.

Today, I thought we would lay low. Maybe run some errands, pick up some sandwiches for lunch, get a bottle of wine and watch a movie.

Instead, we are going to

Needless to say…


May 28, 2009

Summer Movies I Can’t Wait To See v.2

You will have to work pretty hard to keep me away from a movie starring

Jack Black

Tobias Funke

and George Michael

Year One – June 19

Trailer Here

May 27, 2009

Top Ten Most Embarrassing Songs I Love Passionately

My friend Ashley over at The Minis and Me posted this fun Top Ten list, and I was kind of jealous. So I decided to join in!

My Top Ten Embarrassing iPod Songs

  1. Ashlee Simpson – “Autobiography” Questionable musical ability. Stagey “punk” persona. Pre-nose job. Love it.
  2. The Bloodhound Gang – “The Bad Touch” Really awful puns. Dirty dirty dirty. Still cracks me up almost 10 years later
  3. Dashboard Confessional – “The Best Deceptions” So 2003, I know, and this is probably one of the more EMO of this emo-type band… but I still love it
  4. The Beastie Boys – “Brass Monkey” That funky monkey!
  5. Weird Al Yankovich – “White and Nerdy” I like Weird Al, OKAY?
  6. All State Choir 2003 – “If Music Be The Food Of Love” You mean it’s weird to have choral recordings from high school on your iPod? I had no idea!
  7. Lindsay Lohan – “Confessions of a Broken Heart” Um. I LOVE THIS SONG.
  8. They Might Be Giants – “Bed Bed Bed” I harbor a small weakness for children’s music. What’s it to ya?
  9. Gene Chandler – “Duke of Earl” Ooh-ooh-oooh- OOOOH-OOOH!
  10. The Music Man – “Gary Indiana” It’s the place I love!

This was like the most defensive list ever!

May 26, 2009

Summer Movies I Can’t Wait To See v. 1

Doesn’t this seem like the most magical movie?

John Kras (aka My Secret Imaginary Boyfriend)

written by Dave Eggers

a plotline I can get behind.

June 5

watch the trailer here

May 24, 2009

Sunday Night

5.24.2009 11:04:31 p.m.


After a very long day full of early rising, extended family visiting (and subsequent vigorous graduate school questioning), and various symptoms of the cyclical, feminine variety, the subject was at a loss.

She woke up with a dream that was a plotline to a book. It wasn’t HER book, she recognized, although it seemed good enough to write down, and all day long the subject felt like she should be thinking about a story. Maybe writing a story.

So she read a book.

She meandered around her to-do list.

She thought about her obsessions. She added a few things to a list of favorites.

And she forgot her dream story.

It’s okay. It really was bad. She titled it in her dream – The Twilight People. The subject’s dream-self hoped that the title would somehow rocket her first story to success and give her the vehicle to write the books she really loved.

At 11:04:31: p.m., she decided to write the books she really loved.


For now, there is a heating pad, a glass of wine, a big bowl of popcorn,

and Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

May 23, 2009

what’s going on

Weekend Checklist

□ Get up butt-ass early and go to the gym tomorrow morning f.a.i.l.

□ Clean mah room gave it the old college try. laundry at least conquered

Continue to mastermind a Library Love Connection stage two complete. not sure what stage three is yet…

Try not to accidentally substitute the words:

“Take off your pants and follow me”

into this hymn my sister and I are singing in church on Sunday SUCCESS!

Behave as a model granddaughter should A for effort

□ Possibly ask my visiting grandparents if they would be willing/able to fund some of my graduate school expenses

(am rethinking this one for the time being…)

□ Watch Glee (tragic DVR incident occured!)

□ Pre-order a copy of The Sims 3

□ Deliver a suitcase to FranceyAnn so we can start packing for San Antonio!!

□ Find out what happened to Lance last night at his friend’s house… 4 a.m. cryptic text message! The suspense is killing me…

May 21, 2009

a lot of stuff going on for one unconscious girl

You know what’s more annoying than an abandoned blog?

When the author returns and says “oh gosh, I’m sorry I’ve been away!”

I have been away!

But not for good reason.

The last few weeks of my life have passed in a complete daze. Ever since I returned from Chicago, I’ve been drifting in and out of consciousness, I swear.

But here’s what I think I’ve been up to:

1. Working

Yes, I have been working a lot. And lately, The Work has been leaving me physically/emotionally drained upon my arrival home.

I know I’m not supposed to Write About Work (Blogging Code #1, I think), but I think I can at least tell you this:

Last October, my boss took a trip to South Africa, where she’d previously lived for a year or so (I think) doing some kind of selflessservice-type thing. During this second visit, she became reacquainted with a man who she’d worked with before. Shortly after her stateside return, we surmised she had a new boyfriend. Over Christmas, he proposed over Skype and she said yes. By New Years, they’d decided to get married duringhis already planned visit to the U S of A, in March, and she would move to South Africa in June.

Her last day was last week.

I tell you this story because it is just soooooooooooo cute.

And also, it has a few implications for me:

A) I have adopted some of my boss’s hours. This is my first week at 32 instead of 24.

B) Everything/everyone at work is in an upheaval… which is just what everyone needs three weeks shy of Summer Reading.


Maybe I should just try to get a job at the Hogwarts Library. It seems like a nice, quiet place to work where the kids are well-behaved and dedicated to their studies. Although my Freedom of Information Instincts don’t really like the idea of that Restricted Section, so maybe not…***

2. Driving To And From Work

I have become extremely acquainted with my particular stretch of highway. I can pretty much talk you through my entire drive…

Driving through town…

“Oh, I should stop at the gas station. Hey gas station girls! Rockstars are still 2 for 3? Awesome! No, I don’t want a fifty cent cookie, but thanks. Oh, and thanks for saving that last 99 cent, discontinued, obscure energy juice for me! And for retrieving my debit card from the parking lot last week! You guys rock!”

Merging onto the highway…



“Oh, hi Dead Deer that’s legs are standing straight up!”


“Hello, twin Dead Raccoons!”


“Hi, Person-Sized Tree By The Side of the Road That I Always Think Is A Hitchhiker!”


“Hi, Wing Flapping Dead Turkey!”


“Hi, Creepy, Horny Trucker Who Will Honk At Any Hemline Above The Knee!”


“Hello, Creepy Horny Trucker’s Friend Who Just Got a CB Radio Message That There Was An Inch of Knee Flesh In The Green Dodge Intrepid! And by ‘hi’ I definitely mean STOP HONKING AT ME! IT’S SCARY!”


“Hi, Dead Coyote/Dog Thing!”

Pulling Into Work…

“Wow, I’m really early/really late!”

3. Having Anxiety Dreams

I woke up this morning with the very strong urge to go and find my little sister’s new portable speaker set. I needed them to flesh out this display I was working on entitled “Writing My Second Novel,” the follow up to my Honors Senior Project. I thought I would have some audio for my display, plug in my iPod and blast the playlist that helped me write this book, and it was VERY important that I get my ass out of bed and find the speakers NOW. The presentation was going up in a few hours, and I hadn’t actually WRITTEN a second novel yet, so I really-really-really needed to put on some glitz so that no one would notice. I mean, I’d wasted enough time trying to get my boyfriend to call a cab so we could get back to my house in time for me to get set up, and I had to go now now NOW!

It took me awhile to realize that I wasn’t still dreaming.

4. Restoring My Laptop To Its Former Glory

I picked up my computer on Monday. It is Shiny and New! And by Shiny and New! I mean

– brand new  hard-drive, absent of anything useful (Limewire, VLC, seasons of Arrested Development, elaborate Bookmarking Systems)

– replacement keyboard, top casing, trackpad (Shiny! White! New! Completely Not Neccessary But Completely Free!)

– no longer necessary to shove CDs in with great force (Oh, I LOVE YOU GENIUSES!)



I have a lot to do.

I had to figure out how to enable double-finger tap for right clicks. (Pssst: System Preferences>Trackpad>Trackpad Gestures>Click the “Clicking” box and the option will MAGICALLY appear!)

I have to remember which corner of my screen is supposed to do what (Exposé: can’t live with you, can’t live without you)

I have to take more Photobooth pictures. So far these are all I got:

And I need to put more music on.

So I can make mix CDs.

That aren’t just combinations of two mix CDs I recently recieved (THANKS ANDY & SAM!) and high school honors choir and Jay Z.

5. Watching What I Eat

Before anyone gets their panties into a twist about Skinny Old Me Watching MY Weight…

well, I don’t care. This isn’t between you and me. It’s between me and my pants. Which I currently want to unbutton SO VERY BADLY.

And the fact that I ripped a big old hole in the crotch of my only pair of jeans… a pair of jeans I bought a size bigger than I’d like to buy, with the hopes that I would slim out of them before I needed a new pair.

A pair of jeans that I don’t even want to put on because The Desire To Unbutton and subsequent Muffin Top.

Anyway. I’m not on a diet. I’m just trying to be more conscious of the food I feed myself with. Choosing health over convenience. Being okay with feeling hungry (I won’t die on my way home from work – no need to stop at McD’s). Planning ahead in terms of lunches instead of eating takeout sandwiches. Reintroducing vegetables to my life. Not eating a cookie every time I walk into the break room at work. That kind of stuff.

Oh, and cooking.

I think cooking is great.

I mean, what better way to be conscious about your diet than to make it yourself? And it’s really a great appetite suppressant – it’s hard to be hungry when you’re handling food, and when you’re done, you’ll be extra hungry for all your hard work.

I made these really good and easy roasted tomatoes.

And this kind of labor intensive but sour&delish Meyer lemon sorbet. (Used this recipe, but I don’t have an ice cream maker, so I just mixed it up in my Kitchenaid mixing bowl and put the whole bowl in the freezer. Wait an hour and a half, then take it out and mix it up with the whisk attachment for a minute or two, then put it back in the freezer and repeat Every Half Hour until it… uh… looks like sorbet and not yellow goo)

Homemade Balsalmic Vinaigrette for my daily lunch salads (Arugula + Spinach + George Forman’ed Chicken + Dressing = Lunch For A Week)

Oh, and I made a double batch of The Potato Salad To End All Potato Salad. I go easy on the mayo and heavy on the dijon. Added an extra egg. I Could Eat It All Day Long!

5. Getting Extremely Excited For This Game

So there you have it. See you again in two weeks, kay?

***P.S. I don’t want to leave my job, even to work at Hogwarts, I promise. I have a new boss and she is super cool, and yeah, it’s the coolest. Did you catch that line about cookies in the break room? THERE ARE COOKIES IN THE BREAK ROOM ALMOST EVERY DAY. The only thing that could improve upon my job is if A) it were right outside my doorstep instead of 45 minutes away and B) if we could have a TV in the breakroom so I could watch stuff while I eat lunch. The end.

May 17, 2009

possibly 3-6 years behind

Dear Internet,

It is my civic duty to make certain that every last one of you has seen the following videos:

And then give you some advice:

1. If you have children, if they are ever given heavy drugs for a medical procedure, have your camera ready.

2. If at all possible, give birth to bald, British babies.

3. No, you may not decorate your confirmation banner with lyrics from “Chocolate Rain” (an edict passed from my mother to my youngest sister)

Sincerely yours,


P.S. We are working our way down this list, so you better believe there’s gonna be more on the way.

May 16, 2009

happy mac

Ever since The Ultimate Technological Fail of 2009, I’ve been out of sorts.

My mind has  been running a little bit like this:

God. I don’t have a single thing to do. My parents are watching the LOST season finale upstairs, which I’ve been trying OH SO HARD to avoid contact with, so I can’t sit upstairs. My sister’s doing her homework on the other computer. I could sit and read in my room but… DaMMIT! I want my computer back! I SO can’t afford to buy a new one right now, and I’m not even joking. I can’t afford it! A new harddrive would set me back at least 100 bucks, and I Can. Not. Afford. It. until AT LEAST June. wtf. June? JUNE!?? I haven’t looked at some of my favorite blogs in WEEKS! Tragic, I know…. It’s just, my whole schedule is tied up in this computer. I feel so disjointed. So unconnected. I don’t even have the WILL TO BLOG! Gasp. I guess I could reinstall Windows on my Desktop and use that… Man, so much for ever starting a book again, unless I want to do it longhand… D-a-M-m-I-t!

I can’t afford to get it fixed.

I’m going to be computerless for LIFE!


Oooowwwwwww my finger hurts. Why did I have to gouge myself with scissors?? MY LIFE SUCKS!!!!! GASSHHH!!H!HHSDFD!!1

What am I going to do?

It’s broken.

Maybe I should just cut my losses.

At this point, I would usually lose consciousness. Seriously??! As these Windows computer age, they seem to pick up more and more crap. My old laptop had 5 new useless applications than my desktop. If I had to use Vista every day, how long would it be until I wanted to kill myself?

The worst part? The waiting. Knowing that I couldn’t DO anything to fix my dead laptop, that unless I wanted to fork over the big bucks, I might as well do Nothing.

Until one fateful night…. last night to be specific…. during which my sister got into a fight with her boything.

the phonecall

Betsy: Are you coming home soon?

Me:  I’m almost home.

Betsy: Will you be here soon?

Me: YES! I’m ALMOST home!

Betsy: Dad is offering to pay for dinner at Seva tonight if you want to go.

<click back over to Lance, who I was talking to before the Call Waiting>

Me: Why in the world is Dad offering to pay for an expensive dinner in Ann Arbor? I’m SO confused!

Lance: Maybe he wanted some alone time with your…

Me: ACK!!!!GSKFNWEIRNWIFNskdfnwoernwerjk

Lance: hahaha… no really, stop complaining and go eat a free, delicious dinner. And take your computer to the Apple Store while you’re over there.

Turns out, Betsy and her boything were fighting about some supposed plans that were broken, and to be the consoling, nurturing parent, my dad offered to pay for better plans that that stinking boy. So Betsy, Caroline, and Jessica were off for a Boything-free dinner at the our favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurant, with a quick detour to the Briarwood Mall.

An hour and a half later, I am about to offer extremely inappropriate expressions of gratitude to a Genius named David, he of the carrot-shaped ball point pen and the slightly crazy eyes. Thank you, David! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Because you are giving me a new harddrive,

on my out of warranty,

dingy gray,

cracked and chipped laptop


And it will be done today.

Yes, my data will be lost.

I will mourn the following bits of data the most:

A) An a cappella torrent I spent a week nurturing to life

B) Pictures from Washington DC (I lugged that camera around all week for NOTHING?!??)

C) Pictures from Chicago (You know if you don’t have pictures, it didn’t happen, right?)

D) This spreadsheet that had a year’s worth of progress on a never-ending Choir Booster project. (ouch…)

E) A year’s worth of goofy photobooth pics with myself and various loved ones

Mourn mourn mourn.

But thanking GOD I have a Mac 🙂

May 14, 2009

in my mailbox today

I am going to the Simmons College.

I will be attending the Graduate School of Library and Information Science.

I am enrolling in the Dual Degree Program – I will earn a Masters in Library Science and a Masters of Arts in Children’s Literature.

I will be leaving Michigan in August.

I will be moving to Boston.


I am excited.

I am scared shitless.