Hell Week

Hell Week.

I picked up this term doing theater in high school. It’s the week before opening night when everyone in the room goes “SHIT we actually have to perform all this and be good at it and people are going to watch!” Everyone then proceeds to have their own personal Freak Out session, everything that CAN go wrong usually DOES go wrong, and you stumble, scream, and scratch your way until Friday.

Usually, the Friday night cast parties are the best.

I am so looking forward to that Friday night cast party.

The term relates to other stuff too. Exam week. The week before exams. The week before this gigantic work project is due and even though you’re On Schedule, it seems like the thing never gets done in a timely fashion.

My head has been stuck in this monstrosity for The Entirety Of Today

2 pages of my beautiful, handcrafted, quarterly department bulletin. Mad MS Publisher Skillz, I know. All the copy, layout, millions of dates/times to check/recheck/check-check-check ARE MINE.

The week that I will finish this, and fight with the printer for 100 doublesided, color copies.

The week of your boyfriend’s exams/juries, after which he will return phone calls, turn his attention toward Matters Of The Future, and pump his fists a lot and whispers yesssssss!

After Friday, I will have one of my last remaining 3 day weekends.

When this hellacious week is over, MY SISTER IS COMING HOME FROM COLLEGE, and I only have a 1.5 day work-week next week and then I will be in CHICAGO (all things go, all things go) in a hotel room and things will be better.

It will look brighter.

And yeah, I’ll probably be drinking. Heavily.


One Comment to “Hell Week”

  1. Sufjan Stevens! I love that song. Nice newsletter – I heart Publisher!

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