unfit to blog

Ladies and gents, I am officially Too Surly to think of anynthing nice to write about anything.

Unlike some people, I don’t have an excuse for my bad moods. I’d love to give up sugar, but first I will need a) to reduce the base-level Grouch b) find some way to get caffeine without the mocha/whipped-cream/energy-drink attached c) probably get my own kitchen.

I am not needlessly angry, I don’t think. Everything in my life seems to be falling into one of the following categories:


delaying grad school decisions, my parents’ credit card being down for TWO grocery trips (goodbye 100 dollars), my 70+ dollar shoes hurting my feet, my inability to clean my room to a 100% shine, Gray’s Anatomy torrent inching along at .2 kb/second, forgetting my jeans on the bathroom floor and having to wear my sweatpants 24/7 for the duration of the weekend, anything my family says to me


something personal that I can’t even tell you about, but is on my mind every time I have a spare moment of thought, the idea of paying for anything more than I’m paying for right now, having a credit card bill that is equal or greater to my upcoming paycheck, this spot on my big toe that I suddenly just can’t feel

Completely Maddening

ask me later about my boyfriend, 2 Greyhound bus tickets, and a fake obituary. just ask me much, MUCH later, when I’m not still fuming over it. two years? okay, we’ll talk in two years…

Not every day (week) can be happy, dreamy, lovely.

Not every girl has to be completely hormonally balanced 24/7.

An not every blog post has to be entirely uplifting.

But if I’m not posting, it’s probably because when you can’t say anything nice, you should probably just say nothing at all.


One Comment to “unfit to blog”

  1. Been there! You’ll get through it. Promise. 🙂

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