this is thursday

Some Things To Consider

+ How long until I don’t feel like an idiot when it comes to troubleshooting my Mac (yes, my Mac does occasionally need troubleshooting). But when I let go of that feeling of dumbassery, I also let go of that delightful feeling I got when I FINALLY fixed my iSight cam! Let the vanity and subsequent gratuitious fotos of yourstruly recommence!

+ Don’t you think that as a 24-year-old lady, I would know what to do with my complexion by now? As in, Pimples: How to Prevent, Treat, and Cover-Up. I need to go back to teenager school.

+ Lunch was a BLT+E. The E = egg. A fried egg. A BLT+E=Delicioso!

+ Don’t you think that as a 24-year-old lady, I would quit making my lunch and then leaving it sitting on the counter instead of bringing it to work with me? Oy. I need to go back to elementary school. Goodbye, potato salad! Goodbye, PB+J!

+ Where exactly does one LOSE a pair of sneakers? I hope someone tied the laces together and threw them over a telephone wire.

+ Will I ever find a pair of sneakers that I never want to take off? I thought I snagged a good pair yesterday, but my workout was nothing short of unsuccessful. Maybe I need to go to one of those professional sports shoe type places. But that certainly feels out of budget since I just dropped 70 bucks on these guys yesterday 😦


+ Is productive to get mad at someone for not prioritizing life in quite the same manner as you do? Sometimes decisions need to be made in a timely fashion, and I’m not interested in Constantly Nagging…. so what are my other options? I recently lost out on something (cheap train tickets) and will possibly lose out on something (Pratt for a grad school option) because of this prediciament. Relationships are so tricky…

+ Finished this book last night. There may have been tears. A few. Compounded by the above dilemma.

+ If you’re on Twitter, you should be following Ashton Kutcher or CNN Breaking News, cause they’re racing to 1,000,000 followers – whichever one wins, there will be some charitable action going down. I’m on Ashton’s side, because I watched Just Married on Tuesday morning. and because The Sims 3 is on his side!

Or you can follow me. Although I won’t donate any mosquito nets to fight malaria if you do. Sorry. I wish I would/could, but I got a lot going on right now.

Dammit. Now I feel bad.

+ I like my shoes. Even though I bought them in October and just now have found the outift/weather with which to wear them.


6 Comments to “this is thursday”

  1. It’s a sure sign of Spring when the fam starts making BELTs (BLTs with a little fried egg thrown in). Especially good with homegrown tomatoes from the farmer’s market.

    And those shoes are cute! Happy Thursday!

    • i’d never heard of a BELT until they showed up on the Specials menu at my local sandwich shop

      they are quite delish, and definitely spring-y. anything that doesn’t require an oven to cook is spring-y food in my book.

      also, i miss homegrown tomatoes. you’re making me long for my garden state youth!

  2. are you going to go away with or without lance? if so, or even if not, make your choice. ive been called selfish by past bfs, but, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. if you’re “stern” and pick a place because he didnt make a choice in the allotted time you gave him, that’s not your fault, you’re looking out for you. maybe then he’ll realize you mean it. and, if you’ll go away even if he stays for a job, then of course pick where you like best.

    im 23 and still have pimple problems. each time i see a proactiv commercial i feel better that gorgeous celebs also have such problems, and then think oooh, i should order some so i look grownup and gorgeous. but i dont, because, 19.99? that’s a lie – thats the SAMPLE pack. the whole kit is like $50. they get you hooked then you’re spending like a junkie. so i just use astringent.

    • yes, i am going whether he does or not, but the plan is to go together. and all three of my choices have Pros and Cons, and academically, they are pretty equal (although they each have their high points) I would like us to make the decision together, as Grown Up People In Relationships Do, but he is SUPER busy with his last few weeks of school (rough for a music major, lots of concerts, playing tests, and a recital that counts for a whole class grade) so it’s just hard to find the line between Nag and Facilitator Of Decisions!

      And my teenaged sister just told me the secret to pimple-free living – wash your face, use the white pimple cream (benzoyl whatever, not the salicylic acid), and apply baby powder.

      i said, Baby Powder??!? and she said, “Do You SEE any pimples on my face?”

      touche, little sis, touche

      • oooh so you’re down to three choices now?? did i miss an elimination? ha – you should make this decision like a blog reality show… ok ok, i need to turn off the vh1, i realize that now.

        i understand about making the decision together, i hope i didnt come off as bitchy about any of that. ive always had a hard time being “equal” in relationships because im too self-involved, ive been told… so DO NOT take advice from me, ha. but its hard to balance between nagging and just getting an answer, i know – it always made me feel bad too. i wonder why guys dont have that gene or hormone or whatever.

        ok white pimple cream – i will pick some of that up asap! you put the baby powder on the pimple spot, or just a light dusting all over your skin? intriguing method… is that top secret or did she discover it somewhere?

  3. WOW. that sammich sounds goooo-ood. what kind of Mac do you have? I have an older-than-Earth iBook.
    I have a Books To Read list piling up thanks to your blog now – a whole book in one day!? Wow… I feel like a slacker. haha.
    P.S. I hope your identical neck ailment is cured soon 🙂 *chanting nomigrainenomigrainenomigraine for you*

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