note to self: don’t google “Petite Feet” results frightening

My blog is here to entertain you.

(And entertain me)

To Inspire You!

(and inspire me!)

To educate you!

(because I am soooooo knowlegable)

To bring a little touch of joy to your sad, sorry lives.

(That was mean. I didn’t mean it that way. I was just being dramatic)

But today?

My blog is here to annoy you.

On my vacation, when I wasn’t busy walking, eating cupcakes, or gazing at monuments, we were watching a show that I really just don’t understand, that some people (most people) call Tim and Eric Awesome Show.

I feel like I *should* like it. It’s on Adult Swim. Cameos by Rainn Wilson and John C. Reilly.

But I just don’t get it.

And after a few days, I wanted to rip my hair out rather than listen to the following two songs, stuck in my head, on repeat. Or listen to them on the TV. Or listen to them when Lance started beating out a rhythm on the back of a Metro seat and wow it sounds familiar IS THAT PETITE FEET AGAIN!??!

So here you are. Two videos that will haunt you. Click if you dare!

And the second, which is better, but I couldn’t embed.

You are VERRRRRY welcome 😉


One Comment to “note to self: don’t google “Petite Feet” results frightening”

  1. i wasn’t going to watch, but i did. i actually like sit on you better. its easier for me to sing when i start sitting on people now. plus the pleated shirt?! can’t beat that. not to mention the rotund little pooch accentuated by the high waisted jeans.

    the other one wasn’t as funny to me, but i agree with you on the show as a whole. i see the previews and roll my eyes. then again the only thing i watch on adult swim is family guy. or… was? i havent watched in awhile so im not sure if they still show reruns or whatev.

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