decisions decisions decisions and more decisions

I could go to Catholic. It is obvious that I like Washington DC, but the real estate seems kind of steep for the quality and size of said humble abode (no offense, Frank-dearest. your apartmento was lovely for a stay, but Lance and I both expressed unease about sharing one room. I would prefer to retain my boyfriend as well as afford my living space)

But the tuition is expensive, and the accreditation is conditional. I risk throwing my money – and time – away.

I could go to Rutgers. I wouldn’t mind living in the suburbs, but I think Lance might. Rent is only slightly more reasonable, but probably more spacious. I would be paying out of state tuition, but could probably apply to be a resident after a year. Save a few bucks. But the cost of living in NJ is still very high.

A bonus? I could start this summer, if I got my act together. Start in the fall a s few credits ahead of the game.

I could go to Pratt. Living in NYC? Scary, but sounds fun. Culture. Public transportation. Great place to network, et cetera. But bad for Lance – he’d probably end up taking a teaching job in a school worse off than the one he’s already in, which isn’t what he’s looking for (if that’s possible…) And expensive. Of course. And I can’t imagine the real estate being more forgiving than DC.

But they want an answer – and 500 dollars – by Monday. Which really translates to Thursday, if I want to pay for overnight mail. Can I make that decision so fast?

I haven’t heard from Simmons, so I emailed them this morning. I’m having second thoughts about the dual degree. I love Children’s Lit, but I don’t think I’m cut out for the academic challenges of a MA. I just want to be a librarian and get on with my life at this point.

And then again, in this economy, should I really be taking risks like this? I have a job, health insurance, more hours and a raise coming up. Lance was offered a job in Armada for the fall. Maybe I should just stay. Wayne isn’t so bad. All my friends are doing it.

Anyone want to help me? I’m feeling quite on my own with this one.

Edit: And of course, I send the email before checking my mailbox. I’m in at Simmons, with a 2 grand scholarship. Which is nothing, but more than anyone else wants to give me! So Boston is on the table as well… oy… decisions, decisions!!!!


6 Comments to “decisions decisions decisions and more decisions”

  1. Here’s the help I can give:

    I don’t think you’ll get the best education in this state. Wayne isn’t too bad, but it isn’t too good. I’ve had a couple extraordinary teachers, some really crappy ones, but mostly just average ones who probably sold their souls to Wayne and are just trying to do the minimum possible. It’s sad, and I’ve come to believe that the LIS program at Wayne has become less focused on education and more intent on grabbing as much money as possible. I could be wrong…

    However, I have more feeling that in the library world, it has less to do with where you went to school and more to do with how you keep up with current events, technology, literature, etc., and your personal motivation and attitude that will determine where you end up. You strike me as someone who is willing to go the extra mile for the kiddies and programs she loves. So…in the end, I’ve taken my education for what it’s worth – the few outstanding teachers and worthwhile lessons, not to mention the ALA-accreditation (sp?) – and have relied on my own devices for a lot of the rest. I’m riding it out and seeing what happens…

    I hope that was helpful. Feel free to shoot me a message anytime if you have more questions.

    Oh, and are you going to SI? I will be there for most of the whole time!

    • oh, thank you for the advice!

      that’s why this whole MLS thing is so strange to me. it’s like, I AM doing the job already. i know i have a lot to learn, but i’m unsure of how much money to drop on a career that i will have to propel myself through either way!

      i’m not going to SI. i’m a little peeved off, but now that i’m leaving, i’m no longer a good investment. waaaaaah! but be on the look out for my peeps! we’re sending 2, and my future boss, Angela, is like, queen of conferences so she’ll be around for sure!

      • Exactly! You’re doing librarian things! I’m pretty jealous, actually, since I only recently really started doing real librarian things and even that’s a stretch.

        So you’re leaving for sure (Marshall, right?)? Did I miss this somewhere, about the future boss (Semifero, I imagine? Of JDL?)? I will look out for your peeps!

        Sorry for any confuddlement.

        • that would be semifero!

          she’s our deputy director now, at marshall, but my current boss (head of youth) just got married and is moving to south africa in may, so there’s some restructuring going on internally… it also means jessica gets 7 more hours a week 🙂

  2. I think the dual degree, even if you’re second-guessing it, sounds like a good idea – esp if it won’t take you much longer to finish. Kinda two-for-one deal. And, children’s lit?! Such fun! I know you’d love that, so maybe it would help balance the library side? I dunno. And since that’s the only school (reading into what you have here, anyway) that’s offering money… even a bit is a help…

    You picked EXPENSIVE cities! Are you and Lance looking for apartments, or condos/townhouses, what? I’ll be living in a suburb about 20 min from DC, and even there rent for a townhouse is $2000+ (split among 4 people, but still!). If I weren’t fully funded with a built-in job, that’d probably be enough to deter me.

    So I guess this comment didn’t help much…

    • I’m reconsidering the dual degree. It’s only a semester more, I think, and maybe I’m just afraid because I don’t think I can hack it…. but if the SCHOOL thinks I can, then maybe I’m underestimating myself?

      I know, I know, expensivo! Hopefully The Boy will be working part time and I’ll be part time and loans loans loans etc will keep us afloat!

      Lib. programs are notorious for being un-funded. But some of my choices offer assistantships for 2nd years, so you better believe I’ll be applying!

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