the district sleeps alone tonight


The Good

Oh, DC, I really liked you a lot. Fell for you a little bit. I loved riding the Metro. I loved walking the street, learning the landmarks and directions that would take me where I want to go. I loved how vibrant you are, DC – each townhouse painted a different color and every tiny front yard filled with flowers. I loved the mix of people – old, young, tourists and locals, business suits and school uniforms. I liked how almost everything cool ws free. I liked the Vacation Perks – sleeping in, eating out, and Happy Hour.

I loved visiting with friends. I got to see 3! Special thanks to this guy, who let us stay in his apartment with his kitty while he was in San Francisco living it up:


He even bought me one of those Sofia Coppola Champagne in a Can that comes with its own straw, while we were playing Jenga at the neighborhood bar, where they only take cash, serve cans of beer, and project retro movies onto the wall.

Thanks, Frank!

I especially loved the architecture, and going on my first trip with the Fancy New Camera.


And I loved eating at multiple cupcake establishments.


The Bad….

There was a lot of walking involved. A lot more than my little tootsies could handle. I need some new shoes, stat! And I’m staying off my feet for at least a few days. I was in pain from the time I tied my laces until I fell asleep.


And despite my best wishes, I did not do a very good job of being that super-organized, minimalist traveler that I hoped to be. I was messy and scatterbrained and frustrated, as usual.

…and The Ugly

From my personal perspective, it was a good vacation. We saw nearly everything we wanted to see, spent a goodly amount of time relaxing and sight-seeing, and everyone seemed to be in okay spirits. It was obvious that my two traveling partners were having some… marital issues, but that wasn’t my problem so I didn’t really see a need to get stressed about it.

However, apparently those issues were bigger, and far more complex than I thought.

I’ll spare you the details, but I feel kind of bad because I had such a good time and one of my traveling companions did not. I was oblivious to the discomfort, and apparently, there wasn’t anything I could have really done RIGHT in that situation, but I have perhaps made an enemy. Lucky for me, My New Enemy will probably never meet again because they broke up. The night before we left for home.

That was certainly an awkward 10-hour car ride.

But I am home now, taking a day off from life. I may leave the house to go to the gym (despite all the walking, I feel my muscles could use a little stretching out) and run to the store (since apparently nobody eats food here without me) but other than that? I will stay put.

Look forward to more regular posting starting…. NOW!


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