show and tell

Welcome to some new blogs I’ve just met.

I hope you like them as much as I do.

They are all just so pretty and fun.

Posie Gets Cozy

Prettines. Craftiness. AND CORGIS.

Matt Bites

I used to read this one back in the day when I only read 6 blogs (as opposed to 600).

Gorgeous food photography and adventurous eating can be found here.


Life’s mysteries, graphed, charted, and venn diagrammed on my favorite sized paper products.

Pretty Good

I wish my life was full of these photos!

Two Straight Lines

1) Pictures of adorable homemades 2) Gorgeous layout and adorable children 3) Author is from Michigan! I love people from Michigan 🙂

However, I don’t really like Michigan that much.


The layout makes me forget I’m looking at a computer screen

and the writing is honest



The world needs more honest bloggers.


Delicious, delightful Food Porn.

However, looking at actual porn at this volume/rapid changingness would make

most people sick.

Good thing it’s just food.

*All photos belong to their respective blog owners!*


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