good night, computer

I’m concerned with the amount of time I spend in the company of the interwebs.


* Eye strain headaches

* Minutes that turn into hours, even when none of my usual enetertainments are currently entertaining

* Being bored on the computer for the last thirty minutes of work, only to hop into my car, speed home (cruise on 74 mph) so I can come home, take off my work pants (ahhhhh sweet jammies) and then

sit in front of my computer?

Ideally, I’d like to have daily Computer Time – and otherwise disconnect on an average day. But that’s hard for Ms. Part Time Worker with one schedule on M’s and W’s, another on T’s, and another on R’s and F’s. And a hard habit to build for a gal who yes, sits in front of a computer for a goodly portion of her work day.

So my next best choice?

Computer free Sundays.

Ideally, the laptop will stay SHUT, but the following exceptions shall be allowed:

*Modest amount of Sims 2 time (on the *other* computer)

*TV/Music if my activities see fit (see: CLEANING)

*My bedtime episode of Mad Men. I’m not convinced I need to give up that electronic habit.

So goodnight, computer. Not that anyone is reading this because I think Sunday blogging holidays are typical… all the more reason to sit out the last day of the week.

Maybe on Monday about all the wacky things I had to do to entertain myself. Playing video games?? Reading words on paper?!? Making corn husk dolls???!?!?>

One Comment to “good night, computer”

  1. I feel the same way and I was also contemplating ways to control my computer time.

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