Wistful Collegiate Memories, Part I

I think enough time has passed that I’m allowed to begin canonizing my college years.

Ahhhh, those were the days of my life.

Okay, so maybe not exactly, but I’m starting to crave some of those delicious pasttimes only allowed to those degree-seekers between the ages of 18 and 22.

Today I woke up before the sun decided to rise, drove to work half asleep, sat through a 2 hour staff meeting and for some reason I am physically unable to sit in a staff meeting and mind my own business. I cause trouble. I ask hard questions and have a tendency to debate. I also leave staff meetings feeling like nobody should ever invite me in because I just make everyone miserable and stress myself out in the process.

The kind of morning that makes you want to round up your friends, locate a small inflatable raft for your cooler, and spend the afternoon in an inner tube.

Photo cred: photine

Good company.

Maybe a tan, if you are so inclined.

Games of the personality revealing type.

(Never Have I Ever, Ten Fingers, Would You Rather, etc)

And a hefty dose of a local cocktail,

one I like to call


I’ll let you figure out how to mix that one up.

And when you reach the end of the trip, you’ve completely obliterated your obligations for the rest of the evening

because nothing can beat the intense relaxation

that accompanies a 4:00-in-the-afternoon-sun-soaked-beer-buzz.


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