slow reading

It’s a slow book month this March.

Other than In Defense of Food, nothing’s really grabbing me and insisting that I pay attention. At best, I’ll read while I eat, or at the gym, or while I’m waiting for something. At worst, I’m forcing myself to flip pages.


I read Prom for probably the 3rd or 4th time, trying to read for interesting writerly bits. I think I enjoy this book more on audio – it just reads well aloud with a good voice actress. Also – trying to read LHA for writerly expertise is like studying a wall to figure out how it stands up. It just DOES. And it’s such a great wall, you don’t want to start pulling bricks out just to figure out how they fit together!

Speaking of Better On Audio – The Princess Diaries as read by one of my many girl-crushes, Anne Hathaway? Yes, yes YES. This book is a lot more charming than I recalled. Definitely worth a second try.

My boss has been pushing this book since I first arrived at this lovely library, so I really felt it my obligation, as her faithful employee, to give it a shot. I assumed it was going to Knock Me Out Of My Socks. It did not. But I found it a pleasant read, if not awe inspiring. It’s my opinion that a lot of Adult Type People like it because of the English teacher, who is this archetypal Tough-As-Nails-But-Really-Loves-Education kind of character… but I found her to be… um… undesirable. FYI, in my book, a teacher that forces you to read and therefore eventually appreciate Shakespeare is not your friend.

Last month’s Graphic Novel that I forgot to read in February. Features comic shorts from lots of different artists, all featuring a slice-of-life story from the dreaded Middle School. The first time I’ve read a Graphic Short Story and it was a little off-putting – like 90% of short stories, the endings just ENDED, leaving you to tie together the strings of the story. I wished the art was a little more visually pleasing, but other than that, it’s worth a read.

Got this book for Christmas a few years back. Thought it was going to be a great match – I am a person who loves books AND a person who wants to write them! Of course I would like to know how to Read Like A Writer, especially since I am trying to cultivate a Book Study Habit.

That being said, the title is somewhat misleading. Or maybe I just don’t want to be led in Ms. Prose’s particular direction.

If I were to name this book, it would be How To Do Close Reading, as is useful for Writing English Papers in College.

I’m sure reading classics and such will indeed help your writing. But this is not a How To book – this is a Let’s Read Some Excerpts of Books That Do A Good Job Of Certain Things.

Fun, but D-E-N-S-E, and not precisely what I’d call helpful for my particular needs.

A creepy fairy tale. Not sure whether I liked Book or Movie more. What do you think?

Typical Jodi Picoult – twisty plots, multiple narrators,legal drama, medical maladies, and characters SO realistic and off-type they are almost unrealistic. This one is about a death row prisoner who is performing miracles behind bars, the young Catholic priest who serves as his spiritual adviser (who also just happened to cast the last vote in a hung jury that sentenced his advisee to death), the mother of the prisoner’s victims, whose surviving daughter is going to die from a congenital heart defect unless she gets a transplant, and the ACLU lawyer who is challenging the prisoner’s lethal injection so he can die and donate his heart to said child.

Enough said.

Out of all the aforementioned books, I think I liked this one the most.

Even though it broke my heart juuuuust a little.

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  1. I love Jodi Picoult! I really enjoy how she can completely flip a story in one sentence. I often find myself thinking about her books several days after I’ve finished it still putting pieces together and finding new meanings.

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