motivation. inspiration. appreciation.

Still deciding if this malaise of mine is

A) Physical does this tickle in my throat mean something viral this way comes?

B) Mental stress – motivation = sad panda


C) Chemical switching certain medications has been known to induce a bout of the crazies, ya know

Yesterday I thought for sure I was getting sick. This morning I woke up perky and just… bored, so I thought mental. But on my way to work, I felt like a a truck ran over me – sickkkkk. BUT THEN, I scrounged around my desk space and found enough change to buy a Rockstar, and a few hours later I surprised myself to see that I was alert and alive! All in my head?

Or C)?

In regards to a comment made in my previous entry…

I don’t get excited by a lot of things lately. Everything is so tinged with worry that even the fun stuff turns into a burden. I’m going on some fun trips, but I’m already strapped for cash. I was geeked for grad school, but now I’m anxious about accruing debt and living far from home. I’m more than ready to move in with my main man, but I’m worried about cohabitation without marriage. I look forward to starting my career with a REAL job, but it’s not what I dream of. I don’t fall asleep at night dreaming of the day I have a librarian’s job. Don’t get me wrong – I’m quite passionate about my chosen profession – but I’m also passionate about things that don’t happen between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m, and am worried about how I will fit it all together. If I can physically craft the future I want, and if I can’t, should I really be investing 50 grand into this degree?

Do I want to be the Career Girl?

The Ambitious, Pulled Together Girl?

The Laid Back, Friendly Girl?

The Stay at Home Mommy Girl?

Doubts. Worries. Confusion.

So often, I look to the internet for guidance. For solace. And often, when the troubles of my day become so much my eyes start to cross, I look to NieNie.

Her blog affects me. Always has.

It shows that even in the worst of situations, good can grow.

And inspires me to glean the best of my life instead of dwelling on the worst.

hilariously retro halloween costumes

those perfect sentences, the ones that stick in your head for years…

simple dreams coming true

dave matthews

the best of your childhood

the power to change your world, or just your walls

And that’s just one month.

Dipping into the Nielson’s world just makes me feel better.

Makes me feel like whatever kind of girl I decide to be, I will always live in a beautiful world.

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