friday five. oh wait, it’s thursday


I finally got around to updating my Latest Obsessions. Check ’em on out. I mean, I’m fairly obsessed, so they’ve got to be pretty good, right?


I am reading a book, that I won’t go out and NAME…. but it may have recently won a major young adult award, and I am decidedly not liking it. In fact, the only reason I am hanging on to it is because it won said award, and therefore something amazing is surely going to jump out and impress me. Right? As of yet, though, I have little emotional attachment to the characters – I can’t even tell which ones are which really – the premise is weird (a turf war? huh?) and… well… I’m just not loving it.

Normally I don’t blog about books I don’t like, but this has to be said:

Frankie, you got robbed.

And also, I hope they make a movie out of you.

Just sayin’.


Boyfriend: Are you going to bed now, too?

Me: Eh, I’m not too tired.

Boyfriend: Then what will you do?

Me: I guess I have this movie to watch. Well, it’s a low budget Christian propaganda film, starring Kirk Cameron.

Boyfriend: Interesting.

Me: I don’t really know why I want to watch it. It’s about how to save your marriage…. I don’t even have a marriage.

Boyfriend: Well when you do, I bet you’ll be good at it.


I am shamefully addicted to this website. It’s a place mainly where people log their acceptances or rejections to various graduate programs. Even though there are less than a dozen results pertaining to Lib Sci (including my 2), I still like to check it every few hours.

Shut up. Leave me alone.


Remember my whining about not having enough money to pay for crap this week?

My mother pre-paid for my haircut without my knowlege.

Oh, I love my mommy.

And yes, I also got a white-washed facial treatment.

Don’t be jealous.


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