hypothetical architectural structures and me

I am dreaming of a balcony.

It doesn’t have to be grandiose – just big enough for a pair of chairs, some plants, and one of those baby charcoal grills.

In the mornings, I could take my breakfast and my book outside with me. A cup of coffee. Imaginary balcony is so magical, imaginary me actually enjoys drip coffee.

If I’m having a friend or two over, we can grill up hot dogs and hamburgers, or those little minute-steak+carrot+potato meals wrapped up in foil. Make potato salad and drink beer. After the guests leave, we could sit outside on our balcony, toasting marshmallows on forks until it gets too cold and dark and night.

When I need to cook, and the recipe calls for something like “Two handfuls of Fresh Parsley,” instead of dousing my dish with shake after shake of the dried stuff, I’ll just step outside.

I could grow some flowers too, in pots. Something colorful. I could learn how to be a nurturing Plant Mommy instead of the neglectful Plant Killer I am now.

It would be the ideal place to escape, like at a crowded party when you open a door and find yourself outside, gratefully conversing with those who smoke.

Or maybe an outdoor musician.

I could sing on my balcony.

My imaginary cat would also enjoy my imaginary balcony.

One Comment to “hypothetical architectural structures and me”

  1. im a balcony fan as well. also – french doors, bay windows, and built-in storage. i cant wait to go house-shopping…

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