Catholic University of America

So we visited New York and took a brief trip to Boston.

Next stop?

Our nation’s capital.

+ I like politics. I like people who like politics.

+ The area has nice weather (I’ve heard), is close to other cities of excitement, and is young-people friendly (I’ve heard)

– It’s not my first choice school.

– It’s expensive (oh, this is a problem with every single one of my grad school choices, I should really just strike it out)


+ Uhhhh…. Barack Obama lives there?

+ And oh yeah,

I GOT IN!!!!!


3 Comments to “Catholic University of America”

  1. CONGRATS!!! Oooh if you go there, that’d be a pro on my list of going to George Mason (in Fairfax, VA, 20 minutes from DC). Not to be a creeper or anything…But it’d be kinda cool to have been blog-readers and then meet in a totally different place.

  2. Oh, thank you!

    And I don’t find it creeper at all πŸ™‚ I actually count it as a plus too! I have a couple other internet-friends who I could end up sharing an area code with!

    exciting times πŸ™‚

    have you heard back from all your schools yet?

  3. I actually just made a post about that, because I got another acceptance today =) UMaryland, College Park – even closer to DC actually! I still have 7 to go though. I hope they hurry so I can seriously begin making decisions – I SUCK with decisions so I need all the time in the world.

    Which sis is that in the pic with you? She’s adorable! Well, you all are, it’s not fair!

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