room runway

I am up late tonight.

Not even an hour’s worth of Daylight Savings Time fatigue can conquer an Excedrin+Diet Pepsi cocktail at 8:30. That move was silly of me, but when the telltale throb in my jaw began shortly after dinner I decided that feeling sleepy tomorrow would be better than feeling crappy all of today (and some of tomorrow). Migrain prevention therapy (shower, drugs, heating pad, resting eyes) ensued.

So I am alive-awake-alert-enthusiastic at midnight.

What better to do than try on my new clothes!

Clothes that are currently giving me a stress attack because I just dropped 69 dollars onto my credit card. Sixty nine dollars! Do you know what 69 dollars can buy?!? A lot of stuff that I’ll probably buy for myself even though I already spent that 69 dollars!


Perhaps that migraine-wannabe has something to do with said unreasonable shopping “spree?”


So help me decide, internets. Keep, or return?

Item Number One: The Sassy Denim Pencil Skirt

Note the 80’s side-swept hair, and the dangling hanger strap. I didn’t say I was completely fastidious after midnight.

Pro: I’ve been looking for a jean skirt since I started my job. In July 2007.  I finally found one that met my requirements!

Con: One of my fave outfits is jean skirt, tights, and flats. But due to the length (little above the knee) and fit (pencil-y pencil tight) of this particular skirt, I don’t think I would wear it with tights and flats.

Pro: It’s comfy! I loooooooove comfy work clothes. The extra 7-10 pounds I’ve been hauling have rendered my black pants NOT comfy, so this is a big excitement.

Con: When I turn sideways, my waist looks like that.

Do I dare to…. TUCK IN MY SHIRT??!??!

I’m not sure how lovely that would be. I feel like such a mom when I tuck in my shirt, and I think I should at least HAVE a kid before I feel like Such A Mom.

Pro: It’ll be nice to have when the weather gets nicer – like jeans I can wear to work that match every shirt! Including the dreaded Summer Reading T-Shirt

Con: It’s 25 dollars I shouldn’t spend.

Pro: Marked down from 50!!!!!

Item Number Two: The Comfy, Warmy Boyfriend Sweater

Pro: Who doesn’t need another cardigan? I keep getting the shivers when I’m at home and end up looking for a long time to find something slouchy to throw over whatever I’m wearing.

Con: Did I ever tell you about the other TWO black cardis I bought since Fall? Um yeah. This would bring my collection to three.

Pro: Granted, one of them is looking pretttty ragged. Like, holes and unraveled threads ragged.

Pro: And none of them are so dang long!

A butt-shielding cardigan. That is a thing of beauty.

Con: You don’t need another black cardigan, Jessica!

Pro: But I love it sooooooo much.

Con: It was marked down from 50, but only to 32. Which is 32 dollars I should be saving to move out. Or pay my mom back for my car insurance. Or to get a massage so I’ll stop getting neck cramps that give me migraines. Or to buy up some cheap stocks. Or go on this vacation in 3 weeks (THREE WEEKS!) that threatens to boil my blood.

Pro: I really love it. Even though wearing it makes me feel like I’m doing something naughty.

/fashion show

9 Comments to “room runway”

  1. love the denim skirt. ahhh I can’t wait to have my waistline back 🙂
    also love the cardigan. it would be cute over a T, unbuttoned, with a bright-colored skinny belt on top. like… er… this:

    • haha, thanks for the input. the more i think/try on/listen to the devil on my shoulder the more i know i won’t return either of them….even though i really ought to 🙂

  2. i think both are cute. is the cardigan light or heavy? ive been looking for a light, black sweater/shrug to cover my tattoos at work *so bad*. but i cant find anything good. not that i shop much.

    if you HAVE to return one, i say the cardigan. the skirt is TOO CUTE, and it looks great on you, shirt tucked or untucked. i am jealous of your body and style. i have neither. i want to wear skirts dammit!

    • the cardigan is light – i was on the hunt for a good black cardigan for over a year, and when i finally found one, i wore it sooooo much (read: every single day at work) it’s already torn to shreds! i’m hoping this one will be a little more hardy.

      awwww why can’t you wear skirts? skirts are for every body! i prefer dresses, actually, but those rarely enter my price range (aka under 50 dollars) i never wore them in high school (but who did?) but they rock the socks off pants, that’s for sure 🙂

      • I used to have the perfect black cardigan, but that must have been freshman year of high school, so I’m sure it’s long gone. I need another, though I’m thinking of just buying some 3/4 length tees in various colors and making them into overshirts of sorts to wear over my clothes. I have CUTE summer tops but they all show arms or back… I guess if I’m going away at the end of summer I can just show my tats and work can deal! Ha.

        As for skirts… I’m not nearly as slender as you. I don’t look overweight or anything, and for my height I’m technically not, but I have big thighs and wide hips, so skirts (I feel) look weird on me. I have a few hippie skirts I love but haven’t worn yet this year. Maybe, since I too have the photobooth option now, will do a runway show and see how they actually look on me.

        • I feel your uh… enhanced lower-body pain (although i’m sure you don’t believe me lol)

          but this blog has a lot of good tips for dressing cute in regards to your body type, and i bet you can find *some* style of skirt that looks good on you!

          and i totally use the iCam for full-length mirror appraisals. there may even be pics of me in 3 different swim suits, in preparation for last years’ vacation. surprisingly, the one i felt most comfortable in (the “i’m so fat” swimsuit) looked the worst! another plus for the Mac 🙂

  3. Both cute! I love cardigans more than a person should. I literally wear one every single day. I think they are my grown up version of a security blanket. And pencil skirts are amazing. They look good on everyone. My vote is to keep them both!

    Think about it this way, you will wear both these items a lot so it’s worth the investment. Okay, maybe that’s just what I tell myself to justify buying yet another cardigan 🙂

    • i decided to keep both
      i am so indulgent
      and the likelihood of 69 dollars actually bankrupting me is slim…

      and i can just crawl back into my No Clothes For You hole for another 6 months to make up for it

      and yes, cardigans are The Shit

      i now own 6!

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