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March 3, 2009

bits of joy

I am alive!

I am home.

I am not my usual chipper self.

Is my self usually chipper?

I had a very long weekend. I could write you a story, a chapter of a book, a long, long, looooong entry with the details. But they are not my details to give.

I can tell you this though:

Doug MacDonald was a good, good man, and despite the shock and the trauma of losing a brother, uncle, son, friend, and father, grief was often stifled by joy. Doug MacDonald was a man who simply enjoyed life, loved his family, and wouldn’t want anyone moping around for too long.

So even though I am suffering from a variety of personal struggles (the torturous WAITING, the being away from the boy who I love who is hurting, the frustrations of my life/family/job/friends)……….

…… I will show you what brought me some joy today.

Hummus, via Under the Highchair. If you can find me a better hummus recipe, I will fall down dead in shock. It is so good. Use all three lemons worth of juice, and blend it till there’s no tomorrow to get that delicious fluffy texture.

Pita chips = whole wheat pitas brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with kosher salt, and toasted on cookie sheets in a 500 degree oven. I had two different brands and tried them split in half, whole, lots of olive oil and salt, or just a little bit. Some turned out burned and crunchy thin, others more chewy. Still better for you than chips (I think)

The Lunchtime Entertainment

A Stroke of Insight

And of course.

The Can of Diet Coke.

Second only to the Fountain Diet Coke,

which I purchased on the way to work

and I took so long hunting for change in my wallet for my 94 cent refill,

the lady in line behind me said,

“You can just add it to mine.”