instead of living

I am so tired.

This is another one of my fears – that I will never be happy in a full time job because I will just get too tired.

Lance says it’s a self-fufilling prophecy. If I tell myself I’m overly tired, then it’s my own fault I feel like crap.

I guess that’s possible.

But this is day 5 of working for me. 8 hours on Thursday, Friday. 6 on Saturday (plus that heinous drive home). 4 on Sunday. 8 today.

8 tomorrow.

I am so tired.

I have a lot of aspirations for my life. In my dreams, I’m this renaissance woman who works, cooks, raises kids, keep things organized, takes time for herself, her husband, writes, keeps in touch with family and friends, volunteers, exercises, sews…

But if I feel like this?? After 8 measley hours of work?

Maybe if I eat more protein.

Get more sleep (6-7 hours isn’t enough anymore?)

Eliminate caffeine.

Drink more caffeine.

Stop stressing so much.

Or reevaluate my life goals.

Or buck up, get a can of Diet Dr. Pepper, go to the gym, and climb directly into bed.

One Comment to “instead of living”

  1. I miss working. Although, I don’t know how full-timers do it! My hubby works 10-12 hour days and I have no idea how he doesn’t fall asleep @ the wheel on the way home.
    I bet more protein would help. And iron, too? I could be wrong.

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