love love love

5 Things I Love on a Friday

1. This picture, my computer background at work. From this lovely Flickr user. I just want to stare at it all day, really.

2. CAFFEINE! I know it doesn’t always love me, but by golly I’ll follow it to the ends of the earth.

3. Rhythm Boxing on Wii Fit. It’s like the boxing game on Wii Sports, but with rhythm. Wow, could there be a more obvious statement. Anyway, you just repeat little punching patterns – like slo-mo kickboxing to a groovy beat. I’m pretty bad at it, but my arms are SO SORE! Plus, I’m in love with my little trainer guy (the one on the right)

He’s so tough, telling me to go for the knock out, not wearing a shirt.

4. Getting to the point in a pretty long book where finishing is inevitable. When the plot quickens, the climax is imminent, and you just want to read read read read.

5. Waking up to an email that includes the following passage:

i love you
i will always love you
Happy Valentine’s Day! And if you hate V-Day, then just Happy Day!

3 Comments to “love love love”

  1. that love picture is SO awesome.

    Did you actually like American Wife? I found it a little lame that she wrote pretty much about Laura Bush, or at least drew a lot from her life. But Curtis has kinda rubbed me the wrong way since that anti-chick-lit statement, then coming out with basically a chick-lit book…

  2. haha i will look forward to it! im glad someone else feels the same way (or so it sounds)

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