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February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Betsy!

This is Betsy.

She is my sister

(She is the little one, and I am the big one.)

Today, she is a lot bigger. She has officially reached the last interesting birthday of her lifetime. She is 21!

So here are

21 Cool Things About Betsy

1. She is going into a career where she will actually make money! A novelty, I know.

2. When she was 4, she wrote and composed an original piece of music. It was entitled –

“I Hate Jessica and I Love My Mommy!”

3. At this time in her life she also perfected her breakdancing skills, on the tumbling mat in our backyard.

4. Betsy is the only sister who has blue eyes.

5. She also has the kind of auburn hair people only *wish* could be recreated from a bottle.
6. When she goes to Beaners (oh… my bad… BIGGBY), the baristas know her by name.
7. When she goes through the drive-through, the baristas know her by order.
8. This has been going on since high school. Aka, I’m pretty sure these baristas have changed at some point. aka Betsy obviously has special coffee-related powers.
9. Even though Betsy is allergic to everything in a forest, she toughs it up and works at Girl Scout Camps every summer. She comes home with cool sweatshirts and all sorts of interesting rashes.
10. Betsy will be mad at me for that last one.

11. She has about 6 million pairs of shoes. Despite the rumors, they are not ugly. Except for the Crocs.
12. Betsy also knows how to bind her own books.
13. She also has eclectic tastes in reading. Historical fiction, Harry Potter, young adult, graphic novels, boring books about math – she probably likes more books than I do.
14. In our current Sims 2 neighborhood, Betsy made this dog. Her name was Lime Mango. Words cannot describe this canine and the havoc it is currently wreaking upon our Sim dog population.
15. Betsy always enjoys new and different music. In fact, I have almost completely given up looking for new and different music on my own because I know that whatever I illegally download, Betsy will come home with the CD shortly thereafter.

16. She is also our maternal grandmother’s favorite. Grandma likes to talk to Betsy about her long, enthralling life and also buy her nice things. Lucky lady.
17. She also has a collection of tea sets.
18. And she didn’t get too mad at me when I stole her bedroom.
19. And the Betsy Dinner Special is this: artisan bread with fresh mozerella, tomatoes, and balsalmic vinegar.
20. She stole my favorite green sweater. I haven’t seen it since Thanksgiving.

21. And today, Betsy is 21 years old. Yay!!!
Happy Birthday, Betsy!
See you later, when we all come over to Ypsi for pizza!
P.S. Please don’t drink too much and die tonight.