Simmons College

So… I already talked about one graduate school option… let’s move on to option number two

Which just happens to be my #1 choice.

Also happens to be the application I have most bungled. YES!!!!

So assuming the school eventually receives all of my materials, and they then deign to accept me, I kinda really hope I’ll be attending Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts this fall.

I kind of want to go to Simmons so much I can’t even muster up a plus/minus list. I think Boston has all the qualities I enjoy in a city – public transportation-ness, urban-ness, cool-ness, culture-ness, history-ness.

Mostly, I just really-really want the dual degree in Library Science and Children’s Lit.

Simmons used to be an all women’s college. I find that kind of neat. Also, their tuition is extremely expensive! Yay! But unlike many library schools, they do offer a handful of assistantships. Plus, apparently a full time library assistant at Boston Public Librarys makes 40k a year. Not too shabby. I think I could compete for that kind of job.

But I really just want the dual degree, so I can be a librarian, OR get my PhD and teach kiddie lit classes OR be a school librarian OR do whatever the heck else I can dream up.

Plus, every. single. person I’ve talked to has said it’s an excellent school. Including one of my recommenders. And some of the higher-ups at my library. And, randomly, my mom’s library’s director, as in “My daughter is applying to library school.” “Oh! She should go to Simmons!”

Plus, they have an a cappella group.

And I might have the chance to pick up a cool new accent.

So everyone cross your fingers that my stuff gets where it’s supposed to be going 🙂

Edit: Oh, another bonus – The Simmons Admissions folks are like, the nicest, most effective people alive. My bungled app. problem is hopefully being taken care of 🙂 Yay me!


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