Untold Stories


Ohhhh yesterday.

I was not a happy camper yesterday. Actually, I was the camper who hides in her sleeping bag all day, crying and screaming at everyone, refusing to go to arts and crafts, and if you were the counselor, you might be concerned that if left unattended she might find a match and burn down the cabin.

Things I did not do yesterday:

1. Anything on my meager to-do list 2. Go to yoga 3. Go to the gym at all 4. Do a nice thing for anybody 5. Smile 6. Call anyone (except Lance ) 7. Eat a proper meal 8. Smile 9. Count any of my blessings 10. Shower

So I went to sleep, mildly sedated from my many soothing chats with boyfriend (I made him take an entire, 75 question Myers-Briggs test over the phone at one point…) and also by the following discovery:

I can Youtube all the songs I sang in highschool choir! Including ones in different languages! In the words of my high school choir director, left to me as a comment on my before-bed Facebook status…


(Did I mention that I am now Facebook friends with my high school choir director? Oh yeah. I’m all sorts of awesome.)

Anyway. That was nice. Then within the span of an Office episode (The Dinner Party, for those interested) I was out.

Today, I decided to take it easy on myself. Especially after I tried to do a body test and a few yoga moves on Wii Fit this morning and nearly passed out. That was not fun. So I skipped packing my lunch and decided to treat myself to some Schlotsky’s. You see, given a few factors (Christmas, birthdays, gas $$$ and grad school application fees), I have been rendered dead broke. In order to adequately pay mah billz, I had to put myself on a spending freeze. I haven’t taken myself out to lunch since January 15th.

And then I got back from lunch ten minutes early. You know what that means.

Why it means gratuitous self-portraits! Boy, I look tired today. I thought make up was supposed to fix that!

Never fear. Giant Diet Coke to the rescue! It doesn’t look so big when you compare it my entire body, but it is. And this was my second refill. Which means I’m probably on my way to a caffeine-overload migraine this evening…. I sure know how to treat myself right, huh?

And in case you were wondering, that is the face I make in disgust of those dinky little trees surrounded by white pillow-insides fluff. Can we please get rid of them? Can I plant some flowers up there instead? I know there’s still almost a foot of snow outside, but I am so ready for spring. I guess it’s one of those work things that in order to fix, I will have to put them away myself. Unfortunately, I am much too busy making Rennaissance displays and trying to write a puppet show, so the emaciated trees will stay.

Also of note, I came across this quote this morning on the lovely blog of Darcy Pattison that I think sums up a little of my nasty camper mood:

“There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you”

– Zora Neale Hurston

Tell it to me, Zora. My head is simply full of them. Now I just have to figure out how to get them out.


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