About a year ago, I overhauled my Blog Bookmarking system.

I was tired of surfing the same blogs over and over again, waiting for something to change – a habit of mine when I’m bored/overtired/depressed. It doesn’t help solve any of those things, so something had to change.

Instead of categories (Mommy Blogs, Friends Blogs, Random Blogs, etc), I put all of my old favorites in one folder and made a new one:


Only blogs that update semi-frequently and provide good feelings are allowed here.

If they become stale, I add them to my emergency folder, one labeled “Time To Get Off The Computer, Jessica.”

And if they stay in the folder long enough, I graduate them to my Old Favorites Pile.

And when I move some out, that means it’s time to refill! Which is a fun process that often involves me having more than 40 tabs open at once. Poor Firefox.

So allow me to introduce to you my current crop of Feelgooderies, and if you have any I’m missing, please fill me in 🙂

Zen Habits

Creole Wisdom

Jen Lemen

Cup of Jo

Rockstar Diaries

Lyndsay and the Johnsons

A Beautiful Mess

Pancakes and Frenchfries

Live and Learn

A Day That Is Dessert

Ali Edwards

Angry Chicken

(No) Sex and the City

Taurus Rising

Smitten Kitchen

Naturally Nina

[i] love life


Sounds of Science

The Misadventures of Kelly and Kelly

Every Little Thing

Ordinary Courage

Are So Happy

I’ve been having a swell weekend outside of spending time on the internet, and even though it’s a rare weekend away from the boy.

I fixed The Sims 2, which has been broken since BEFORE THANKSGIVING.

I went to the gym yesterday, and, with luck will go again today.

Sister Betsy and Rachel Z came over to play last night.

I had my first Marathon Read of 2009 – Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent. I really couldn’t put it down.

And I’m excited for Monday. And all the rest of the days in my life, for that matter. 😀


4 Comments to “Feelgoodery”

  1. Hah! I’m honored. 🙂 But now I have to step up my game so I don’t enter that “Time to Get Off the Computer” folder. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me! You made my day. Big hugs, Nina

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