Early Worm Gets The Worm

I’m trying to become an early riser, a goal I’ve had ever since I chanced upon this Zen Habits article. Have I mentioned my deep love for Zen Habits? It’s an excellent place to find smart, simple advice about 99% of life’s problems. I have turned to many articles during a time of great personal need. They are great for snapping oneself out of a mini-breakdown/existential funk.

Anyway, for me, getting up earlier has been hit or miss. It doesn’t help that I have about 7 different kind of mornings each week – Monday and Wednesday mornings are a lot different than Thursday and Friday, and none of those can compare to the all-day-sleep-fests that occur Saturday and Sunday morning…

From the Zen Habits article, this piece of advice stuck to me:

Have a good reason. Set something to do early in the morning that’s important. This reason will motivate you to get up. I like to write in the morning, so that’s my reason. Also, when I’m done with that, I like to read all of your comments!

So what are my good reasons for getting up early, at least on Tuesdays?

  • My delicious, sepia toned ritual

Tall glass of ice water

Big bowl of Kashi Go-Lean Crunch w/ soy milk

8 oz. of Bolthouse Farms green juice (yes, obsessed)

The Indulgent Thing I Don’t Otherwise Have Time For In My Day – The Sims 2

And The Writing Activity That Helps Empty My Head and Get Me In A More Thoughtful Mood For the Day – My Morning Pages

  • I like how an early morning seems to bring me more adventure. Waking up early is SO outside my daily routine. Everything I do before 9 a.m. is quite novel.

I’ve found myself reaching for my camera in these early hours. Especially when I wake up and see this:

Or, fighting off that early morning body fatigue, I take Adventures in Latte Making.

  • When I have enough time to do ALL THIS SWEET STUFF, and STILL have time to get ready for work at my slow-paced leisure?

It’s divine.


2 Comments to “Early Worm Gets The Worm”

  1. Great pictures! I would like to get up early to get some writing done without the boys, but if I get up any earlier it will be nighttime!

    • thank you 🙂 and that’s yet another reason why i’d like to get up earlier – so when the time comes, i’m not Accidentally Mean Mommy, waking up to my little children and yelling and punching them in the face because i’m half asleep and angry at the world for demanding me to wake up so early.

      it’s a safety concern.

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