Pratt Institute

Applying for graduate schools is somewhat tedious, somewhat challenging, somewhat bank account draining…

But now that all the nonsense is (90%) over, I am left to mull over my choices. Of course, I can’t assume I’m going to be accepted by all these fine institutions, and Practical Jessica might prevail and go where the money leads her (especially in these sorry economic times), but for now it is all delightfully hypothetical. I spend a lot of time thinking about where I will be in the fall, and what kind of life I might lead, et cetera et cetera.

Today, the mail brought me a graduate bulletin from the Pratt Institute.

Of course the bulletin was beautiful. It’s a school of art and design, you know. That just happens to have a Library Science program.

+ It’s in Manhattan. I’ve always felt like living in New York City is just one of those things an American must do at some point in their life. Why not now!

+ It seems like a very romantic place to live, full of all sorts of fun. But maybe I’ve been reading too much Cup of Jo, too much Rockstar Diaries.

+Living in this city would surely gird my tender sensibilities for any city I might henceforth encounter.

– Even though it is quite scary to imagine living there.

– And I’ve heard it’s EXPENSIVO.

– So would be my education.

+ But it has a pretty cool looking program, focusing on some of my favorite things Literacy, Education, and Outreach (okay, I don’t like Outreach so much, but that’s just because I’m an introvert.) But it involves a lot of hands on library experience, working with real kids, real teens, and I *think* will prepare for either school or public librarianship. Fun stuff.

+ And working in a city that has its own society of cool librarians? The career connections I could make would be valuable.

+ Also, my friends would certainly be attracted to my coveted living locale, and would therefore be more likely to visit me!!

+ Public transportation is my friend.

+ And so is pretending I’m on Sex and the City.

+ And Pam went to school there, too!

The fictional people have spoken – NYC = the place to be.

Or one of the other four schools I applied to…


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